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Violence in Sports

The concept of sports violence has the reference of a particular kind of a behavior that is potentially cap-able of causing harm and it is not within the scope of the rules of that particular sport. The behavior has no relationship to the objectives of competition as is laid down in the provision for that particular sport. Violence in sport is promoted by some form of aggression in the cause of the sport with the reaction aggression having a greater impact as compared to the instrumental aggression.

There has been a notable prevalence in cases of violence in the field of sports with a varying degree of seriousness as well as the frequency of their occurrence. The prevalence is especially of a high magnitude in the types of sport activities involving team contact, an example being football, rugby, as well as hockey. In most of the situation, players are the initiators as well as the perpetrators of the violence. However the violence epidemic in today’s sports has had the contribution of the coaches, the media and the fans alike.

What Causes Violence in Sports Sports violence is a result of aggression which has been studied and documented as a characteristic that is inherent in the human beings. In most of the instances, this aggression builds up in individuals to an extent that requires their discharge. The behaviors that are aggressive are acquired through the process of modeling, while rewards as well as punishments are responsible for the reinforcement of the behavior.

It is the practice of the young athletes to acquire and internalize the behaviors of the heros in the field of sports due to the consideration of the role models that the heros play. The coaches, the parents as well as the teammates also play a very vital role in the development of the aggressive behavior . Another perspective of acknowledging violence in sports is through its consideration as a situation that comes about due to frustration. This situation is a result the failure of the achievement of the goals of the individual as set up despite all the efforts that have been made.

In the scenario of the sports, this situation is mostly encouraged by the heckling of the fans, official’s questionable calls, injuries that are responsible for the hindering of the anticipated performance of the player, or the taunts coming from the coaches as well as other players. For these acts of violence to gain roots and be effective in the field of sports, some reinforcements are required which have been proved to hail from three possible sources.

One of these sources is the group of immediate reference with regard to the player, in which case, the coach, members of the team, family members as well as friends play a crucial role. The structure that the game assumes as well as rules implementation by the officials and the game’s governing bodies is yet another reinforcing factor as far as the violence in the sports is concerned. The attitudes of the society, the media, courts as well as the spectators are an equal source of reinforcement.

Rewards in the form o praise, the trophies that are awarded, the respect earned by the player from the family members and the friends are some of the forms that this reinforcement may exhibit. The payment of extremely high salaries to the players as well as lionization without the consideration of their aggressive playing styles is a derivative of a vicarious reinforcement. On the other hand negative reinforcement is subjected to the players who lack the most anticipated degree of aggressiveness which is in most of the situation expressed through criticism.

The contributors of this are usually the coaches, the parents of the player, friends and the society, while the action takes the form of denial of the playing time, harassment from the members of the team, opponents as well as the spectators . The realization of the causes as well as the promoters of the violence acts in the field of sports is of paramount importance towards the understanding of the relevant intervention measures necessary to curb as well as avoid excessive aggression.

This is a very common occurrence especially in the situation where the youth is involved. The forces of socialization, and most in particular, reinforcement, has got the provision of the primary focus as far as the issue of intervention is concerned. There is also a requirement to complement this with the use of the psychological forces. This is achieved through the modification as well as the control of the situation that is responsible for the promotion of the frustration. The contribution of the coaches and the physical educators in minimization of violence in sports

The coaches as well as the physical educators are the individuals who hold very significant positions with regard to the establishment of a groundwork that is supportive towards the promotion of positive attitudes with regard to sports. There are areas of special consideration for the purpose of encouraging the players to shun sports. They should be in a position to place the sports in a perspective with less emphasis on the possibility of winning at all times and cost. The objective of participation should be skill development as well as enjoyment.

The improvements should be praised by the coaches while the performance is not reflective of the worth of the individual. It is also wrong to encourage an injured player to continue playing. The coach should not take a lot of the players’ time for the purpose theoretical coaching of the players at the expense of the activity in the field. This is one situation that is likely to influence the players towards the opinion of them as less successful since their performance level is not adequate to earn them the required playing time

The coaches as well as the physical educators should have the potential capabilities of positive role models presentation. Majority of the incidences of the violence in the sports are witnessed in the professional sports. It is therefore advisable for the coaches to shun the symbolic associations with respect to the professional teams, which includes he use of names as well as logos. The techniques of application during coaching should not be modeled based on the techniques that are in application at the professional level.

Most of the acts of violence that have been documented in the past are in soccer, since majority of the soccer players are quite unruly which is compounded by the perception of the media. For the highlights in soccer offered by the media to impact on the viewers, listeners or readers, the incidences of violence as well as spectangular goals have to accompany the news. There is a strong requirement for very strict measures with regard to the efforts geared towards the elimination of the violence associated with sports. According to Wandzilak, Thomas. “In soccer, FIFA, the governing body for soccer gives out cruel penalties for rowdy fans.

Stiff fines are given to clubs that can’t control their fans. Following games are usually played in closed circuit with no fans allowed in the sports ground. I don’t think American games will enforce these strict fines. There’s basically too much cash involved” Most of the clubs have adopted the practice of banning the spectators as well as the fans from attending away games. There is a requirement of the inclusion of the stiffest penalties as well as their strict enhancement with respect to the two sides to control the situation against becoming uncontrollable.

Conclusion The idea behind participation in sports is the realization of fun, contribution towards the physical development of the participant, the development of the social skills of the players as well as the promotion of the positive desire responsible for a continuous involvement in the physical activity. The promotion as well as development of the needed habits necessary for exercise in line with recreational aspects with regard to the physical activities should be at the forefront of participation in sports.

However, in the majority of the situations, a low esteem, anxiety of the highest degree and an aggressive behavior are usually associated with sports whose detriment is an experience of a “sports burnout” which is at par with the physical activity that is an associate of sports. The entire negative habits of violence in sports are to a large degree promoted by mature individuals falling into the categories of the parents as well as the coaches with the lip-service being reserved for sportsmanship as well as fun creation while the rewards are reserved for the purpose of victory in the game.

In order to achieve the intended victory, the players are usually exposed to direct as well as indirect signals from the parents and the coaches that aggressive behavior is a requirement for the purpose of the achievement of the desired victory. This notion is responsible for the creation of a condition of anxiety in as far as winning is concerned which is an impendence to proper performance as well as subjecting the players to a condition of susceptibility to potential injury.


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