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Violence- violence

Violence- violence is physical contact that is intended to harm another person or oneself, the willful intention to harm another person through the use of weapons, and may include any act that is meant to damage another person’s body such as arson, bombings or terroristic acts. Concerning the media, implied violence can include graphic images that can be deduced to cause injuries, death or dismemberment in addition to actual scenes of physical contact and/or violence performed using weapons. The shows that were viewed are “Bones” and “Charmed”.

Both “Bones” and “Charmed” depict violent scenes, and although “Charmed” contains less serious subject matter, there are more violent scenes. “Bones” contains a lot of implied violence, as well as many graphic scenes as bodies are forensically examined to determine cause of death. “Bones” contains images of blood, decomposed flesh, and simulated murders, making this show more graphic than “Charmed”, but “Charmed” depicts death and violence as a lighter, less serious subject. In my opinion, scenes of death and violence that are met with nonchalance are more damaging to society than those depicted as being a serious occurrence.

This can be especially true concerning children’s shows, which may show violent acts that are appealing to children, and that cause no real damage on the show, but can be dangerous in real life. There are some violent scenes that did not fit into my definition. For example, it is my opinion that scenes where the actors discuss death, examine murder weapons, or plan to injure or kill someone all imply violence in the mind of the viewer. Media is one of the primary agents of socialization for young people across the nation.

It is important that parents are aware of what their children are watching in order to combat the effects of violent media sources such as movies, TV, and video games. Desensitization has become an issue for many people studying society, and in part stems from the shows that are put forth through television and other visual media. I, personally, think that there is too much violence on television and in the media today. If you have ever watched children after viewing even a show like “Power Rangers”, which is a violent children’s show, then you can see the immediate effects of violent scenes.

Children spend more time watching TV than they do on any other hobby, sport, or academic endeavor. Many children watch three hours or more of television per day, often unsupervised by an adult. Parents who take an active role in what messages the media send to their children are often able to control that amount of violence that their children are exposed to. I feel it is important to discuss even mild violence with small children, who may attempt to act out violent scenes that they see on television.

On a larger scale, it is difficult to determine what can be done to reduce the amount of violence that is on television or in the media. Today, we can watch live fights on television, watch detectives solve murders, or even watch scenes of what happens in the operating room. There is little left to the imagination with tools such as the Internet and television to show us all aspects of life and death. Americans are especially against censorship, which is something that I personally am against, as well.

We have the option of choosing the media that we, and our children, are exposed to. Generally speaking, parents can take control of the viewing habits that children develop. Studies show that children develop most during the first five years of their life, a time when television viewing should be minimized to ensure decision making, problem solving, and personal interaction skills are learned through communicating in the real world. The media can be taken seriously by this younger group of viewers, who are still learning to be successful in the society that they live in.

Even the news can be frightening and confusing for children, who learn about adult topics like war and natural disasters on these types of programs. Parents are ultimately in control of what their children watch, however, and I am not sure that society as a whole is willing to make changes to their personal viewing habits even though studies suggest that violence in the media has a huge impact on the actions that children and young adults take. Some feel that the young people who do mimic these actions are the exception rather than the majority.

Not only do the media have a huge impact on the socialization of children, it also affects their physical health due to the amount of time spent in front of the TV rather than exercising. I believe that society has developed the propensity for watching graphic television shows as a result of searching for new ways to entertain themselves. Comparing today’s television shows to those of even twenty years ago shows me that there are now more violence based shows than ever. For example, “Happy Days” rarely shows violence; while some of today’s most popular shows, like “CSI” depict extremely violent scenes in each episode.

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