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Violent Computer Games and their Effect

With the advent of modern technology, computer games are now more realistic. They mirror the real world. Some of the played computer games are violent and the main costumers of computer games are the youth. These computer games are mostly played by children. These computer games are part of their childhood. In the recent years, many psychologists made studies on the influence of violent computer games to a child behavior. If playing violent computer games will lead to aggressiveness and juvenile delinquency.

In a survey conducted by psychologists, 32% of the youth tend to play fantasy violence, sport is 29%, general entertainment is 20%, human violence comprise to 17% and the least played computer game is educational games which is 2% of the total players. Summary of the article review Purpose The main purpose of the research is to analyze the short-term effects of playing violent computer games on the affective states such as the state hostility and state anxiety and on the physiological arousal.

Method The study was conducted on the eighty-seven undergraduate students (53 male, 34 female) from different courses and universities. The age ranges from 18 to 25. Four treatments were used to students. The four treatments were Lotus, Flowers, Doom I, and HMD. The parameters to be obtained were, the time spent in playing violent computer games, aggressiveness, anxiety, state hostility and arousal.

The collection of data on the time spent, the researchers’ uses a scale that will estimate on the time spent, on aggressiveness the Portuguese version of the aggression questionnaire was used, on the anxiety, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-form Y was used, on the state hostility, the Anderson and Morrow State Hostility Scale was used to assess the state hostility and in the arousal state, the heart rate level (HRL) and skin conductance levels (SCLs) were used to examine the arousal state of the participants. Result The result obtained regarding on the time spent shows that boys spent more time playing computer games (M=2.

57) than girls (M=2. 03), F (1, 79) = 7. 45, P<. 01. For the state anxiety, the result shows that there is main effect in the gender, F (1, 78) = 4. 19, P<. 05, with females having higher state of anxiety (M=34. 76) than males (M=32). Students who played violent computer games exhibit higher state of hostility (M=62. 81) than those who did not play (M=54. 48) and (M=54. 79) for Lotus and Flowers respectively. In the arousal state, SCL, F(2 80) = 21. 97, P<. 001, and HRL, F (2, 77) = 7. 04, P,. 01 shows significant result.

The SCL result was significant only when related to the gender and game condition. Woman who played violent games has higher SCLs (M=9. 26). And females has higher HRL (M=105. 59) than on males (M=93. 03) when playing computer games. Discussion In this paper, the main purpose is to study the effects of playing violent computer games to the gamers. In the experiment, results suggest that playing violent computer games has a great effect on the state of hostility but not on the state of anxiety. While on the psychological effect, female tend to have higher state of arousal compared to males.

The result shows also that playing violent computer games increase the aggressiveness of the players. Conclusion The studies have brought information on the possible effects of playing violent games. These two findings will guide teachers and instructors as well as the parents of these children to know how to manage their children in playing computer games. In the age of computer games, this was considered as part of a social life of a child and even adults. But the most important is how to incorporate these computer games on the people involved.

Computer games have been issues mainly on the child behavior. They said that it will affect the behavior of a child. It will make the child more aggressive. But computer games ha more side to consider beside the bad effects of it. Computer games will be a good tool to educate and socialization purposes. This is the main reason why computer games were invented. It has many benefits not only to children but also to adults. We must see to it that we play computer games the most efficient way like making it a tool to improve more the attitude and behavior of the one playing. (Powell, 2006) Personal reflection

The reviewed article has many advantages like it guides people like parents on the possible effects of playing violent games of a child. Parents must be aware on the activities of their child because in this stage were many temptation is likely to occur. Parents must guide their children so that they will not go to the wrong path. They must set standards when their child is playing computer games but not hinder them in playing computer games. They must instill to their child the advantages of playing computer games.


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