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Virginia Tech incident

In accordance to my consideration the Virginia Tech incident was not handled properly after the initial shootings. It should be mentioned before hand that the ramifications executed by Seung-Hui Cho on April 16, 2007 at Blacksburg, Virginia, United States from 7:15 a. m. and 9:41 a. m. –9:51 a. m. and causing death to 33 people with 25 injured could have well be avoided only if the authorities and the students have acted in a patient and logical manner just after the shootings at the West Ambler Johnston Hall.

The initial shooting too place at 7:15 and after shooting at the West Ambler Johnston Hall Seung-Hui Cho moved slowly and calmly to a post box and posted the multimedia confession to the media. He then moved to the Norris Hall which is about 500 meters away and executed the rest of the killing there from 9:41 am. It seems quite strange that after the first incident of shooting hardly any action were taken though it is quite understandable that during the time of fear and paranoia it is very important to keep calm but it is easier said than done.

During the incidents the only actions that were taken were individual evasive actions, like Professor Liviu Librescu locking the door, and not organized defensive means. It could be well imagined how fearful it is to find a well armed mad man with a Walther P22 and a Glock 19 larking in the campus but if the authorities and the students had been a little more resourceful then the second incident at Norris Hall, that cost most lives, could have been avoided.

Risk management Risk management is an important ingredient of management principals of today. From the aspect of risk management it is evident that the only experience that to be noted under such parameters is the aspects of disasters and failure. But the best measure of risk management is the scenario where no such incident ever takes place.

In a way, the quotation indicates this principal that only under a full proof plan and proper execution of the formulated plan would result in the complete avoidance of any sort of loss. The person who gave example in terms of sea voyage simply puts the basic principals of the aspects of risk management in the simplest possible manner. Here the end word stands for the understanding that the most successful of all risk management official is the one under who there was never a need of managing disaster in real world.

It can well be stated that the principals of risk management states a lot of scenarios that should be avoided and another set of circumstances that are not desirable but the best measure to counter them is the measure that formulates a process or plan that restricts the scenarios and circumstances from taking place. It could be stated that the fundamental use of this quote is in direct alignment with the traditional theorem that indicates that prevention is better than cure. Thus the quote stands in its point and provides a deep insight into the fundamental parameters of the principals of risk management.

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