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Virginia vs Colorado

Comparing states especially in the Western hemisphere is an inevitable and natural thing among Americans. Basketball, baseball, quiz bee, conferences and all the other activities that involve the interaction of two different states could either mean a sprouting new bond of friendship and camaraderie or the otherwise—physical violence and plain competitive madness.

Hence, the real essence of being a part of a geographical structure on earth is to have a specific culture, or tradition which one may be able to adapt to thus further illustrating the verity of being different in one’s right and not perplexing unity in diversity—and so the song goes. Background To a point, The Commonwealth of Virginia is famous for producing eight of the country’s national leaders—presidents. In the realm of population, Virginia is concentrated in the eastern half of the state: the state’s largest city is noted to be Virginia Beach.

Colorado though, is much more famous with its spectacular heaps, a couple of films were taped in its grandeur and to date, and the place is sought-after by tourists from all over the globe (StateMaster). Government Like all the other states, the Government of Virginia and Colorado seeks to deliver the services that are needed in their respective jurisdictions. Even though both states differ in the number of population inhabiting their tenure, it is but important to take note also that the manner of delivering these services they are obliged and mandated to fulfill are in a mile diverse.

Given that each state may face varied social, economic and environmental issues, such leaders are also entitled to differ in the kind of leadership to utilize (StateMaster). Business By regional comparison, Colorado is situated in the West while Virginia is in the South. Such regional pinning is already considered as a factor on how the economy of a state shall be able to perform as with high regard on the businesses that will be established.

For example, the towering stat in Colorado is of Beverage and Tobacco product manufacturing grossing a total amount of sources to $418,846,000. On the other hand, Virginia industry is focusing by means of stats falls on the same but only with $56,093,000 (StateMaster). It is evident that the kind of lifestyle being brought upon by the regions they belong to gravely affects the flow of their business notwithstanding the importance of the brand names and factory outlets.

Immigration Immigration is one of the most controversial issues thrown to the Obama administration. Now that the economy has cost the jobs of many Americans, the inhabitants of the place with the “dream” are now concerned on the future of its natives since more and more overseas workers from neighboring countries are taking the lead. Virginia has a total of 9. 543 per 10,000 people in immigration stats while Colorado has 8. 797 per 10,000 people (StateMaster). On Top Rankings

In essence, Virginia is known to top in terms of voting during presidential elections and is first in having the number of refugees from Senegal. Colorado topped in having immigrants from Czech Republic and Ecuador as well as in the implementation of Change in Medicaid Enrollment for 2003-2004. As for divorce rate, Virginia ranked 21st out of 48 states while Colorado ranked 11th. For Starbucks mainstays though, the latter is 7th and the other is 10th.


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