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Visual analysis

The following paper presents a visual analysis of a few animated films. The analysis has been carried out keeping in mind the type of techniques used, along with the style in which the storyline has been pictured, how one movie differs from the other with respect to the animations. The movies to be compared Include Peace on Earth (1939), Snow White& The 7 Dwarfs (1938), Pinocchio (1940), Gulliver’s Travels (1939), Mr. Bugs Goes to Town (1941), Dumbo (1941), Princess Iron Fan (1941), Emperors Nightingale (1948), Fantasia (1940).

The common thing in these movies is that all of them are cartoon movies. The production houses for these movies are 4 of the major ones, namely, MGM, Disney, Warner Brothers and Fleisher Studio. These production houses are famous to produce quality work for a long time. The characters used in these animated movies are all very well known and have their own place in the industry now. Analysis: The movies mentioned above are all fantasy based moves. Out of which Dumbo and Peace on Earth are categorized as drama animations, Fantasia, Mr.

Bugs goes to town, Snow White and Pinocchio are musical animations and rest are categorized to be adventure animations. Among these movies, the odd one out could be the Princess Iron Fan, because originally it was a Japanese movie, titled as “Tie Shan gong zhu” and was in Mandarin language, which was later translated in English. Another feature that makes this movie different from others is the display of the movie; the movie is in a black and white print.

Fantasia and Snow White both being the production of Walt Disney, have a lot in common. Both have a major part covered with musical scenes and they have a certain element of romance in them. Although in the long run, fantasia did not achieve much business as Snow White, but both almost hold the same position in the box office, with respect to the story line and the screen play. The screen play and the graphics in both the movies are more or less same because of a less span in time of production.

But I would count Fantasia as a better movie keeping in the mind the screen play. The duration of the movies is enough to capture the eye of the viewer along with the color schemes and the way the scenes are presented one after another. Next movies that can be compared would be Mr. Bugs goes to town. This is a Fleisher Studio presentation. Although Mr. Bugs goes to town is also categorized as a musical animation but it is not good as Fantasia and Snow White. On major flaw that could be the reason is the production house being used.

Although the movie is one year ahead of the other two, so the expectations from the screenplay of this movie was a bit higher, but unfortunately it was unable to reach the mark that was aimed for it. The color schemes and the screenplay used in this movie were a bit dull. The colors did not capture the audience. The movie is a complete full length comedy musical production. The only point on which this movie can be a head of the others is that it is the first ever made comedy musical animation.

Peace on Earth and Dumbo being the production of 2 different houses, i. e. MGM and Disney, respectively, both have their own stand in the box office. Both of the movies are greatly animated. The screenplay, plot and the colors are very eye catching. Although Dumbo belongs to a better production house, but Peace on earth was a soother to the eye. Both of the movies give a certain moral. Dumbo being a movie of an hour and on the other hand, Peace on Earth is just a 10 minutes movie, both have given their respective lessons in a very touching and motivational way.

Pinocchio and Gulliver’s Travel, both revolve around a single character. The whole movie is based on the acts of the character, as in how they move around, who are they, what have they been doing and so on. Pinocchio is the production of Walt Disney, which brings it a hand above than the other movie, which is the production of Fleisher Studio. Gulliver’s Travel is a slower plot, which is a drawback for it and the screenplay of the movie is even not much advanced as compared to Pinocchio.

The visuals in Gulliver’s Travel are a bit dull which may divert the attention of the viewer for some time and since it has a slower plot, so it can bore the audience. While on the other hand, Pinocchio is a lively movie, and the character is portrayed in such a way that it brings a certain life in the audience. This is an upper hand for the movie The Japanese movie “Princess Iron Fan” and “The Emperor and the Nightingale”, are a bit low rating movies because of the plot that was produced for these.

Due to lack of animation techniques, dull screen play, poor color schemes. Princess Iron Fan is a black and White production; therefore it is not much appraised by the audience. The Emperor and the Nightingale is based on a novel, so as compared to the novel, the movie wasn’t portrayed as well to the expectation of the viewers. The Adventures of Prince Achmed , originally known as “Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed, Die “, is animated by means of the silhouette method, which utilizes variable cardboards and metal cutouts faked in front of light up pieces of glass.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed exhibits Lotte Reiniger’s capability to make fascinating characters using complicated design. Conclusion: All the movies have a basic difference, and that is due to the production house, the screen play and how well is it portrayed. On an evaluation, I’d rate Pinocchio and Dumbo as the best. Because these movies are the best in the way the producers have bought the screenplay to life and how the characters compliment the story.

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