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Visual and Performance Art

Art has ceased to be confined to the traditional medium of ink, paint and paper. A myriad of avenues, stages and platforms in the space of the everyday exist to exhibit and embody art. Spanning from things inherent in nature such as the instance of a sunset, sunrise, or perhaps a full moon, to the most mundane and seemingly inane instance of body piercings or an arm tattoo. Art constitutes myriad meanings, translating differently from one individual to the next. Among its broadest categories however, aside from visual arts such as painting – music, theater and dance relates to a significant aspect of performance art.

Painting, of course, is a form of visual art which has long taken a prominent place in the art world. Artists express their sentiments and ideologies through brushes and paint indulging in these said worldviews and inspiration by way of paper or canvass. But more than creativity, the discipline requires an amount of coherence and structure on the artist’s part. The use of watercolors for instance, is perhaps the most tricky and difficult medium to master or ‘dabble in’ where painting is concerned. Watercolor Painting commands the artist’s ability with the brush, and the delicate balance of mixing the colors with the aforementioned liquid.

Oil paintings on the other hand, appear to have the greatest depth visually than any other painting medium, and the concept of oil on canvass always rings a prominent tune where the subject of art is concerned. But artists who paint by the said medium deals with the instance of its messy process, of the relatively unpleasant smells it yields, and the stretching period of time by which it dries. The opposite of which, is perhaps that of acrylic, which takes a faster time to dry, thereby dictating the time by which the artist is to finish the painting in question.

The use of acryclics is also the most versatile of medium, its end result approximating, or appearing to emulate a painting done by watercolor, gouache, oil, and so on. Gouache is a medium in painting which can be synonymous with watercolor, because of the similar element existing in both medium that is water. But gouache colors appear heavier than watercolors, and dry to a rich opaque color. Because it is thinned down by water, and doesn’t rely heavily on it as warercolors do, it is as less difficult to work with. At most, visual art, or painting in particular, is a two dimensional take and representation of reality and humanity.

Most art movements took root and relate to aspects of painting such as Surrealism, Action Painting, Expressionism, and Cubism, among various others. They represent styles, techniques, concepts, sensibilities and philosophies which contribute to varying end results in painting. Music on the other hand, perhaps the most interactive of art forms, is a type of performing art which supports and correlates with other aspects of performance art such as dance and theater. Music is an inherent aspect of humanity, the arrangement of tunes and sounds affects and appeals to a great number of people, if not everybody on a visceral level.

It encompasses social structure and demographics because a variety of genre in music is available to cater to different individuals, to generic and esoteric tastes. They take form in a variety which inolves classical, country, folk, rock, alternative, and so on. Rhythm, tone, timbre, rests, and so on, are elements of music which combine to create the harmony which the performance art evokes, musicians may not specifically consider each aspect in creating their music, but they are nonetheless present in the creating and producing of it.

Music has the ability to alter moods, and like every other art form, the ability to reflect them. Theater as a performance art combines aspects of dance, acting, music, voice and writing into a pastiche directed towards telling a story in a similar affecting and interactive manner as music is able to do for its audience, but in a more multi-faceted, intricate and at the whole: rich, full and detailed version. Writing plays a significant part in theater, words dictate what an actor is to do, how a scene or setting should look and be executed.

The written word is basically a blue print of the course a play is to run. The theater experience comprises and integrates these art forms to generate exactly that. The art of stage set and design is also utilized to establish the setting and complement the story being told. And perhaps the most blatant and obvious form of ‘expression’ and ‘performance art’ is that of Dance, while the ballet is an aspect of the discipline which immediately comes to mind when the art form is mentioned, it exists in a variety of forms being executed in stages, opera houses, street corners and dance floors.

It is an aspect of dance which isn’t confined to the wearing of tutus, ballet shoes and similar accoutrements, but in the pointing of arms, legs and limbs, in a graceful and ethereal manner unique to the discipline. The human body is the medium by which artistic tension and sentiments are embodied and expressed, and as such, the discipline requires the artist, the body by which art is being conveyed to achieve certain standards, and approximate grace, flexibility, creativity and inventiveness and translate it to the most basic but at the same time intricate of of human expressions, categorized under the heading of performance art.

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