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Visual communication

Communication has been a part of the human lifestyle since the early years. People communicate to express their feelings and ideas. As such, communication is an integral part of the human lifestyle as almost of human activities require communication. People utilize communication in various places such as in school, community and in our workplace environment. Indeed, communication is vital to achieve understanding and avoid conflict among people. Communication occurs in different forms and types. There are the verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.

Some form of communication use various channels or media in order to send the message. One of the most popular forms of communication is the visual communication. In this form of communication, messages are transferred from the sender to the receiver through the use of visual aids and tools. The evolution and development of visual communication brought convenience and advantages to the society because it provides a medium of communication to transmit messages or merely to express ideas and emotions. Visual Communication

Communication is defined as the process of transmitting messages and information in an attempt to achieve understanding. The whole process of communication requires various skills such as speaking, listening, analyzing, and evaluating the message. Thus, communication plays a vital role in the society in terms of achieving understanding and harmony among people. Through communication, cooperation and collaboration can be attained (Bergeson, n. d. ). Communication is a social process that involves interaction between people. It also involves a series of exchanges in messages.

In the course of communication, one of the participants uses symbols to intentionally send a message while the other participant interprets the symbol’s meaning and creates a feedback. This completes the communication process (Kenney, 2008). There are various means to which people communicate with another person or to an audience. One of the methods used by people to convey ideas and messages is through visual communication. It is the type of communication that expresses the ideas through visual display of the message or the information (“The History of Visual Communication”, n. d. ).

Visual communication is also a social process wherein people exchange messages by utilizing visuals. Some of the examples of visuals are paintings, photographs, drawings, computer graphics, animations, films, videos and visual reality displays. Visual communication is different from visual display. A visual display is when when a person utilizes visuals to express his or her idea or feelings but the person cares less on who sees the visual, when the audience will see the visual or whether the audience respond or not to the visuals’ created.

The creators of the visual display wish that their audience will understand some of their intended meaning (Kenney, 2008). Visual communication is the process of communication through visual aid. It is the process of conveying ideas and information in forms that can either be read or looked upon. It is primarily associated with two dimensional images and rely mainly on vision. It is considered as a form of communication that has a visual effect and it explores the idea that the visual message with written text has a greater power to inform, educate and persuade a person.

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