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Visual Elements

As the power base that is Washington D. C. tries to find a balance between the male and female power brokers, fashion has become the battleground where a female politician must first make her mark in order to be noticed. Only then can she be taken seriously in the male dominated game of politics. The profile for women in politics is slowly coming to the fore as women enter more political fields in Capitol Hill. Such is the case with Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and now United states senator for New York / presidential aspirant.

For Hillary Clinton, her early political life in Arkansas wasn’t centered on her fashion sense. That all changed when her husband, Bill Clinton got elected tot he White House. Here, her fashion sense was brutally scrutinized and she was often crucified for her fashion faux pas. It took some time but she eventually learned how to balance her feminine side with her desire to become a political force. During her years in the White House, Mrs. Clinton displayed an almost child like fashion sense using headbands and wearing her hair with bangs.

But, upon her run for the senate 2 years ago, he fashion sense seems to have become keener. Changing almost overnight. According to political analyst Mary Anne Marsh: “She’s got a great haircut, great colors, great outfits. She has found her style. Not only does she look the best she’s ever looked, it’s not so fashionable that middle-class, average Americans are turned off by it. ” In Ms. Marsh’s view, Sen. Clinton has “learned the fit of clothes. I think in the very beginning, her jackets didn’t really quite fit.

The fit was sort of off the rack with dresses. ” While Catherine Allgor, who recently wrote a book about 18th century fashionista Dolley Madison considers Sen. Clinton’s evolving looks as metaphors helping her find her place in politics. Sen. Clinton is in effect learning to dress for her role as a senator and now presidential candidate. Her stylists are busy at work making sure that her clothes fit the persona and message she wants to portray to her constituents and the voting public. Ms.

Allgor believes that the public is confused about how to feel about women in power because it is not a traditional woman’s role. She explains that “That may be why every description [of a woman in power] is followed by, Armani suit, comma or highlighted hair, comma,” Ms. Marsh said. “It almost always comes before party or position. ” As one of the most powerful and influential women in the United States of America, Sen. Hillary Clinton has learned that lesson well and is now well on her way to exploiting that sense of visual element in order to convey her power and beliefs to the voting public.

As the election season progresses, we will continue to note the continuing dress style of Sen. Clinton for these styles will indicate what direction she is taking the campaign in.

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