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Visualizing Environmental Science

I have the deep ecology worldview. I believe that all species are equal. We have all become too relaxed with today’s ‘gadgets’ without realizing what resources are taken from the earth and what is given to the atmosphere when creating the products. When a tree is cut down, not only is the tree being taken, but a home for some of the earth’s wildlife is being taken with it. Think about it…. Birds, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, snakes, some different types of monkeys and bears, all live in trees around the world. Why take their home away from them?

By cutting down trees in the forest we are running them out of their homes and out into open surroundings where they face danger, sickness, and starvation; while, at the same time, taking away the soils protection from the heat of the sun and flood waters. What happened to the days when I was a child and I could lie in the grass and smell the flowers, watch the leaves move in the wind, hear the birds chirping, and very seldom hear an automobile on the road? And the most horrible smell you ever noticed was cow or horse dung from your pasture or the neighboring farm.

Those days are gone now. They have been replaced by big factories emitting chemical smoke that makes it hard for me to breathe when outdoors. A water treatment plant that smells like bleach for one week out of every month resides close-by. I never see the beautiful sight of wild animals playing in the trees or edge of the woods anymore. Very seldom do I ever here birds chirping. If I do, it has to be at five in the morning, before anything or anybody starts to stir preparing for their day.

I smell exhaust fumes, which are poisoning my lungs, from cars and trucks that travel my road all day long. I miss the days when there was no TV, VCR, or DVD player. The family sat around and talked and read the Bible at night. My family never talks like that anymore. You had an old phonograph and 45 or 78 rpm records or the radio that only picked up one or two stations. That was all that was needed and you had to sit very close to the radio to understand what was being said.

Very seldom did you hear news of any crime that was committed. We had no gas heat or central air, we had so many trees that when you opened windows there was such a cool breeze that you relaxed in a chair and slept. We drew our water from a well, we had no water pipes to rust, break, or pump water above the ground. That well-water was the coldest drink you could consume in the summer. All of the fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, chicken, beef and pork we ever needed or wanted were raised right at home.

To go out on Friday night to a little place called the Brazier to get a burger and fries was actually a real treat. To take ten cents and buy a Fanta Grape or Orange soda in a returnable bottle along with a snickers candy bar, knowing that you could get five cents back on the bottle was something that was looked forward to each week. Ok, yes I am an old fogey! I miss all of that and it felt as if I was one with nature. We had no need or desire for gas, oil, or electronics. Thank you for allowing me to share my views with you.

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