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Voice Assignment

I left my home to the care of a kind neighbor and took a breather for a few days at a place where I could escape the stressful corporate world. However, the serenity of my vacation was put into naught as I was dismayed with what I discovered when I got back home. My water connection was shut off by your department without giving me due warning. Wasn’t this act informal and unprofessional? I felt it was unfair as my rights as a customer was totally ignored. I was never late paying my water bill before and your record can prove that.

It was the first and only instance that my payment was overdue; thus I believed that I deserved a fair treatment here. My mobile phone number was in your possession all along and I was a phone call away. It’s so frustrating that you didn’t even bother to give me a call or a text message to inform me that you were about to cut my water line. I could have done something to prevent the disconnection if I was notified earlier. I spent a whole day trying to reach you but, unfortunately, all I got was the irritatingly monotonous sound of the answering machine.

This made me arrive to the sickening conclusion that you were quick to act on penalties and disconnection process but inefficient to respond to the needs of your customers. For all its worth, most of the grass, orchids and exotic flowers in my garden and lawn withered as my neighbor was not able to water them because of your inconsiderate decision. The plants might not mean anything to you; but they were more than treasure to me. I nurtured them for years and to see them dry like that made me even more furious.

Your department claimed to be competent which provided excellent service to your customers; but your latest stunt brought a doubt on my mind. It was scary to think that you were a too powerful organization that could do whatever you desire anytime you want. I was worried that you were indeed like this. I hope you would disprove such assumption in the future.

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