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“Volpone” by Johnson

The most controversial issue among literature critics and researches was the question whether “Volpone” is a new type of comedy. And many agree that this play is not similar to others written before. “Volpone” is claimed to mesh together different literature forms in order to present comedy being both satirical and moral. We see that the author is willing to teach the audience morale through comedy style. The central idea of the comedy is whether gold might be put above God. Moral issues are brought by Corvino in the treatment of Celia.

It is possible to assume that the comedy aims at challenging the audience when the author critically looks at hero’s actions and laughs at their fates. The comedy is the combination of the satirical and moral issues making the play of the most unique and original of its time. The author uses the fable and in such a way makes readers think of moral actions, but all hidden ideas are presented in comical action. We see the author entertains the audience and teaches it at the same time. Three genres – the fable, satire and comedy – are combined together.

One more interesting moment is so-called the ‘dynamic duo’ in the play – Mosca and Volpone are entailed with many similarities, but they remain different complimenting each other. Both Mosca and Volpone are provided with common lust for deceit as they trick others and make their living in such a way. Further, they really enjoy performing elaborate schemes when fooling innocent people. A game emerges between Mosca and Volpone and we see they really enjoy playing. Actually, game and risk are what knots Mosca and Volpone together. Nevertheless, these characters are different if looking deeper.

Volpone is less witty and sharp then Mosca. Moreover, Volpone seems to be slower and duller. For example, Volpone is feels frustrated when he fails to trick Lady Would-be. Mosca complements Volpone as he is very skillful in inventing schemes under pressure. Volpone’s slow wit is complemented by Mosca’s thinking abilities. Volpone doesn’t have the ability to flatter. The author is willing to show that Volpone and Mosca are complementary heroes.

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