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Volunteer Experience: Narrative Report

Volunteering is an experience that always enriches the experience of the volunteer in terms of the lessons learned and the things learned during the course. These experiences become a part of the person and are worth contemplating after the experience. I spent a worthwhile 60 hours of volunteer services at a park called The Barnacle Historic State Park, which is located at 3485 Main Highway Coconut Grove, Florida.

The Barnacle was historically the home of Commodore Ralph Munroe and it was in the year 1891 when the Barnacle was built (“The Barnacle Historic State Park,” n. d. ). The native plants in the park are threatened by wild and exotic plants and it is necessary for us to weed these out to give way for the normal growth of the plants in the park. It was a relief to be able to get the weeds out because they are competing with the plants for nutrients. While doing the said task, I was able to record the activities we did through pictures.

Our other activities include preserving the beauty of the beach through certain cleaning programs and maintenance activities. Likewise, tourists are encouraged to take part in maintaining the cleanliness of the beach by throwing their litter in the designated trash areas. Aside from the tasks related to park beautification, I also took part in conducting tours for those who visit the park. This gave me the chance to deal with the groups of people who come to the park for leisure and educational purposes.

By undertaking all of the said activities within the park, I am able to help and learn at the same time. I feel a sense of fulfillment with the things I did to help in saving the environment within the park. Though these are small things compared to a larger world beyond the boundaries of the park, this experience is a good beginning for me and will truly be remembered for the good things learned.


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