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Volunteerism and effective patrolling

With the current forces of modernization, world trade, globalization and the advancement of technology, there has occurred, cases of economic inconsistencies seeking to split societies apart. The ushering in of two classes of the rich and the poor has created a scenario deeply marred by both local and global crime. In the US, with the creation of diverse security forces and branches such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Homeland Security, alongside the police force, it was believed that cases of crime rate that were debilitating the US would plummet.

This has however proved not to be the case: on the contrary, crime has menacingly shifted its sphere of operation from the streets, right into people’s doorsteps. It is on this basis that strident measures have been made by the civilians to help the conventional security and police departments restore safety. This paper therefore seeks to discuss the modi operandi, the importance ( of volunteership efforts ), and the various forms of efforts that are taken in volunteership to restore security. Introduction.

Volunteerism in safety patrols involves the entering of the civilians into the efforts to bolster the prospects of security in a given domain without coercion or any form of reward. This feat is carried out mostly by the citizens working in cohorts with the police or security personnel . This movement started after the World Wars which were followed by the Great Depression. Volunteerism seeks; to prevent crime from happening, to facilitate the apprehension of criminals, and to facilitate the issuance of emergency services to casualties.

Inland forms of Volunteerism and its importance. Volunteerism promotes deeply the concept of effective patrolling in the sense that it enhances availability among the patrolling personnel. This happens by the virtue that the security personnel will always avail themselves in times of crisis irrespective of the hours that have been stipulated as working hours against non working hours. This is more so true by the fact that is quite easier for a security personnel to avail himself or herself when in the line of duty compared to the availing of oneself at all times.

This requires in depth commitment to the spirit of volunteership that is being channeled towards communal safety and good. In a nutshell, volunteership enhances extra work, not to the detriment of the security officers, but to the safety of the society (Tudor, 2006, pp. 122). Volunteerism has also effected the scope of expansiveness towards the ensuring of the societal safety. This is mainly actualized by the willingness of the security personnel to go to areas of jurisdiction that have little prospects of development, less development opportunities and very minimal rate of urbanization.

In the US, this form of magnanimity was evidently displayed by the Sheriff’s offices in the Ada county. The security personnel out of their own volition accepted the transfer from urban to rural areas. This program that catalyzed the the agreement from the police and the security personnel to diffuse themselves into the rural areas had been arrived at, not spontaneously, but after intensive lobbying by the Police- Citizen initiatives, under the aegis of the National Institution for Justice (Bullock, et al, 2006 pp. 133).

The above prospects have led to the expansion of patrolling and the general security services in the rural areas. It is an obvious case that for patrolling and security services to be effective, there has to be comprehensiveness in the provision of these services. Otherwise, lack of comprehensive coverage in the provision of security patrolling will only ensure the transfer of security breaches from the urban centers, to the rural areas. It is through the concept of volunteership in the provision of security and patrolling services that the concept of striking a rapport between the citizens and the police personnel was birthed.

The striking of a rapport between these two groups is geared towards the entrenchment of citizen involvement into police patrolling efforts. The tampering of the security patrolling efforts with the involvement of the citizen established what is commonly referred to as community policing. Community policing involves the incorporation of the citizen’s efforts in ensuring the provision of security within the society. Nevertheless, public involvement in this affair is only and mostly limited at the county level.

The above underpinnings of police patrolling are stipulated on the premises that no other entity can know adequately the security prospects of his/ or her domicile than the resident himself / or herself. To this effect, all forms of security breaches, and all the perpetrators of crime are also geographically specific: this means that all criminals have a neighborhood. However, the needed knowledge on the security issues are geographically specific in the sense that this knowledge is only naturally restricted within one’s area of domicile.

The involvement of the citizen in the patrolling affairs is mainly geared towards the dissemination of information in both directions: the information can flow from the public to the security personnel or it can also happen vise versa. The information elicited from the public is normally of informatory nature, in that it equips the security personnel beforehand with details that are meant to ward off potential crime from coming into consummation.

For instance, a member of the public may inform the patrolling personnel about suspect behavior, or suspect characters that may indicate danger. In the same wavelength, the public can divulge information about criminals’ hideouts, and therefore leading to arrests. Conversely, the general public may also provide the security personnel with information on a crime that has already actualized. Alternatively, effective patrolling may also take the form of the security personnel availing information to the public.

Mostly, this form of information is mostly of warning nature about a crime that is suspected by the police or the security personnel as being in the offing. There are numerous testimonies that have been put across to vindicate the benevolence of the involvement of the Ada county based Police- Citizen linkage initiatives. For instance, after this program’s inception in January 1997 by the National Institution for Justice, the Ada county Police department has been receiving accolades for having curved a niche in the United States’ one of the most successful federal operations album.

Examples of these testimonials are clearly demonstrated by the fact that just a year after the enactment of this program, the Ada county Sheriffs Office received the Bouise State University Partnership Award number 1998- IJ- CX- 0085 (Braun, 2001 pp. 78). Another benefit that has been realized by the adoption of the concept of Volunteerism in effective patrolling, is displayed by the fact that through the incorporation of the citizens into the patrolling efforts, there has been an eradication of the negative bias that has always led to the perception of the police and security departments as demonized instruments of coercion.

To this end, a healthy relationship is being forged between the police and security personnel and the public. A working and friendly relationship is hugely expedient for effective patrolling. The magnanimity of volunteeriship in effective patrolling is still seen in the fact that it enables the security and police personnel obtain facilities that are hugely needed in the course of bolstering security in a certain region. It is on this premise for instance, that there has been myriads of cases of different firms or organizations coming in to donate resources that are considered needful for the effective patrolling and policing.

The Mountain Bikes Association (MBA) has been donating tens of thousands of mountain bikes to the Philadelphia Police Departments (PAPD). This therefore led to the PAPD having a vast repository of surplus bicycles, leading to the subsequent formation of the Delaware Valley Mountain Bike Patrol (DVMPBP). Following this state of affairs, the PAPD has been able to form 600 voluntary man hours, and 1,000 miles extra patrolling volunteer coverage (Crofts and Siedel, 1990 pp. 123). To this end, the view that this form of volunteeriship allows for the expansiveness of patrolling coverage is found to be very lucid.

It is again on this backdrop that many accruals are being seen to be trickling down to the general public as well, and this is in terms of the provision of security and patrolling services. This is because the security and police personnel in the PAPD are now taking this advantage to reach the public with first aid assistance, guidance on park rules and environmental education. In addition to this, the PAPD uses these bicycles to give general assistance to the trail users. It is therefore evidently clear that the MBA association has catapulted the provision of patrolling services such that the accruals have taken a hydra headed form.

In simple terms, the accruals have been transformed from being centered towards the insulation of the general public from criminal danger, but has now shifted focus and strength to the provision of public safety through the bolstering of health safety tips and services (since the PAPD offers first aid services), and thus warding off the preponderance of cases of deaths that occur as a result of injuries. Secondly, proper maintainance of resources is maintained with the dominant intention of warding off danger that may be accrued from poor handling of the parks ( this is because the PAPD disseminates information about park rules).

Thirdly, the voluntary donations by the MBA association to the PAPD to ameliorate patroling services has also ushered in environment health, and thus, keeping at bay, cases of environment injuries that may be incurred by the general public ( this is because the PAPD uses the bicycle donations to reach the populace to offer environmental education). Lastly, there is also the entrenchment of safety and the abating of mishaps due to the fact that the PAPD uses the bicycles to offer general assistance to the trail users.

The painstaking efforts that have been displayed by the MBA’s donations of bicycles has also ensured that the penetration of ragged terrains and densely populated areas that are impassable by vehicles is now possible. This has therefore ushered in the carrying out of comprehensive patrolling by the security personnel as opposed to the prior cases where mostly, shanties were left out of the patrolling programs due to crowded housing system that rendered these areas impassable.

Bicycle patrolling has also speeded up and made efficient, the patrolling exercise in comparison to the patrolling undertakings that were carried out on foot. The DVMP through MBA’s volitions has now been able to diversify its patrolling services to educate and to forge a strong network based on solid relationships and partnership. It is for the cause of the latter that the Fairmont Park Commission was formed. In order to further realize the goals to consummate the provision of safety through patrolling activities, the DVMBP also has taken to engage in the carrying out of the trail maintainance projects.

The application of the elements of volunteeriship is also not limited to the donation of tangible assets only- on the contrary, it also thrives on cash donations from well wishers, since effective patrolling exercises are normally inundating on the government expenditure given that it entails fuel, communication and employee costs. To this end, firms and/ or individuals who have known the value of security have taken to financially boosting the security entities within their precincts.

A case in point is the Commission of Fairmont Park Land Reinstatement and Environmental Education Program (the NLREEP) taking strident efforts to sponsor the patrolling efforts, especially those carried out by the DVMBP. This exercise has led to the expansion of the the patrolling exercises and the opening up of new patrolling and security centers. These new branches and extensions have given priority to the areas that are known to be prone to criminal activities, and areas that are clearly seen to have less distribution of these centers.

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