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Von Pittman’s point

Von Pittman’s point of view is quite interesting and does hold some meaning in today’s education where we can see that the budgets are tight and lecturers earn less in comparison with salaries 20 years ago. I don’t think it is just a matter of being a threat to the academics but also the quality of education is criticized. However distance learning helps a lot of people who wouldn’t be able to attend traditional university and it is cheaper to run but should entail examinations at a centre to help verify the authenticity of a course.

However Von Pittman mentions that faculty and administration would become bitter and there are few degree courses actually awarded by distance learning. It would be a shame in our modern world of online resource and working from home if distance learning did not develop to its full potential. In education which has become more like a business to attract wealthy students to certain degrees long distance learning don’t seem as attractive a proposal.

If there is any course that could taint the reputation of a university the long distance courses would probably be the top of the list which makes them a reason why universities wouldn’t want to run them. The type of students attracted to these courses may not be able to give a full time commitment and may even leave the courses shortly after starting.

The students would often be from poorer backgrounds and these courses often don’t convince employers. In conclusion I think distance education would probably need an entire makeover before it is able to compete with traditional university degrees. It is not only the favour from academics that is needed but also an appeal to students seeking these courses.

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