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Vote Dilution

Vote dilution, according to Texas Politics, is the process of dividing districts according to racial and ethnic minority compositions in order to minimize the influence of such group to the election results. Another aspect of such move is to generally separate a homogenized group into a single district so that their vote influence will be minimized only in the said locality. For some reasons, people who are affected by vote dilution have been rallying to submit a revised proposal for the government as the primary suspect in such acts.

However, since the district and state laws provide a rather varied response to vote dilution accusations, it can sometimes be troublesome to make a nation wide protest against the said voting misconduct. If the government is to take responsibility, there should be a very clear explanation. One thing, it can defense its move by telling the public that the integrity of the results of the elections depend on how the different jurisdiction of the voting population is represented.

In the case of vote dilution, it is only meaningful to at least minimize the effects of minority votes since the actual counts of their response of choice are also minimal. In effect, the government is just downsizing the power of influence according to the proportion of the minority voters against the national population. One more justification is that there may be some disadvantageous repercussions if districts with minority representation will be aligned according to the vote influence of larger groups.

“Others have found that minority groups that vote together are unsuccessful in attracting appeals from the parties. ” (All Academic).

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