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Voter Apathy

Only a few young people today are interested in the affairs that concern government or public life. Many reasons abound behind why many are even indifferent in participating things that actually will have their effects on their everyday lives should they only examine this aspect. In fact, statistics reveal that today, the United States has the lowest voter turnout among the mature democracies in the world (Lehrer, 2002). This only implies one thing: the effects of low voter turn-out jeopardize the system of democracy which characterizes countries such as the United States.

This paper attempts in precis to point out the reasons for the low turnout and solutions to reverse the trend. Discussion According to studies, the reasons that made many of our youth to create the distance from themselves to things that govern their lives especially during elections somehow correspond with the reasons that the older non-voters also put up for not showing up in the polls; however, some grounds are found to be distinctive among the youth. A major cause is the perception that their votes may not matter much, hence the apathy.

Generally, people have become less and less concerned with any of the news reports and are out of touch of the goings on in things that might just sound political. Curtis Gans, director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, had suggested that this is due to the deteriorating quality education in the country and in particular a diminishing participation in the civic activities by those in the teen years and young adults. Nevertheless, the most significant reason is the sense that with politics, an implication of dirty business is involved (Lehrer, 2002).

Conclusion With the aforementioned reasons, perhaps the best solutions lie in addressing the very heart of the problem; these same rationale need to be exhaustively addressed by those in private and government organizations concerned with the democratic process. There needs to be a more persistent and dynamic strides in the educational sector to enlighten the average Americans with what they lose when they deny their right or ignore this important aspect of being a citizen or when we shrug off the opportunity.

In addition, the sense that politics equates with dirty business is also arguable. It may be true that dirty business may be involved in some or even most of politics but that should not be enough to reject the whole process of election itself. When the young people, who are normally idealistic at their stage and expect a lot from more mature adults or those seeming intellectuals, and demand that elections be fair, clean etc. , etc. , needed to be guided by more informed and balanced adults who will show them that it participating in the elections is necessary.

The casting of the youth’s votes are needed because their number can make or break many policies, laws and other resolutions that government is all about. A secondary effect or by-product also is, I believe, the youth’s exposure to the reforms needed in our society. This in turn, hopefully, enables or challenges them to be better citizens or assets to their communities. Modeling by young celebrities and other influential youth who are visibly in the media are crucial to influence the general public.

Many other avenues can be utilized as well but the main thing should only be to remember that much of American life relies on the legislative, judicial and executive machineries indispensably intertwined with all of our existence. This is the rationale why every citizen, especially the youth who comprise the majority of the voting population, must go to the polls and express their choice.


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