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Voting as a Responsibility

While everyone is engaged in many discussions about the issues in the administration of our own political government, others are just waiting results without even engaging in their responsibility as a citizen of the country. In the preservation of liberty and freedom, certain leaders should arise. These leaders may arise through the demand of the public and through the selection of the right one by the society. In a democratic form of government, the major right and responsibility of the citizens is the right to vote. Voting should not only consider as a right but also as a responsibility of each citizen.

It is the primary right by which other rights are protected. Many of us try to ignore their responsibility to vote. Their reasons vary from each situation in different governments. Among these reasons are: 1) the citizens can not see the changes the politicians promised; 2) the citizens in some countries believed that every elections in their country involve sabotage; 3) the citizens are just not aware of the effects in their own lives of not voting; and 4) people do not see the effect of one vote in the results of elections.

Some people believed that their single vote would not matter to the final results. If this reason will be the excuse of many citizens, then it is impossible to have a successful election, meaning an election represented by almost all the citizens. Another excuse is the lack of time. The government has done necessary actions on proving enough time for all the citizens from every institution. The government provides many public polls for the citizens.

Polls outside the country are also intact to cover the absentee voting. All in all, voting is not only a right but also a responsibility for each one of us. It requires time to properly and consciously select the right leaders of the country. The entire future of the country lies on the hand of these leaders and through the cooperation of each of us.


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