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Voting in the United States

Although the concept of pure democracy may only be considered theoretically seeing that pure democracy is not practiced in the United States, or any other country of the world for that matter; voting is essential as it is the only way for our nation to continue trying to approach the concept of pure democracy in practice. Democracy is generally understood to be the voice of the people in the governance of a nation.

In this ‘rule of the people,’ the common folks have the power to control their own policies, that is, how they want to be ruled; and the elected leaders of the people are required to apply reason when listening to the voice of the people in planning and decision making. President George W. Bush has often been blamed for refusing to listen to the voice of the people. He took America to two wars, thereby disturbing world peace.

He continues to consider compelling the United States to take aggressive action against foreign peoples that he believes to be our enemies, e. g. the Iranians. What is more, the Americans have continued to criticize his foreign policy in particular. Hence, I do not believe that he always pursued the interests of the American people. Even though I support voting one hundred percent, I trust the fact that our country seems to have turned its back on democracy during the presidency of George W. Bush. President George W.

Bush did not become the president of the United States through voting, however. It is common knowledge that the Supreme Court made him the president. What has happened to America in recent years may therefore be considered from a variety of controversial angles related to the conspiracy theory. All the same, America remembers the peace and good reputation that it enjoyed during the presidency of Bill Clinton. Regardless of his personal problems, President Bill Clinton was a very successful president.

His foreign policy was especially admirable. Given that the United States is an ‘immigrant nation’ and has strong economic ties with many countries, I believe that the American people would like to vote for a president who is capable of repairing the relationship of the United States with the rest of the world. For this reason, Hillary Clinton may very well win the presidential election in the year 2009. She reminds the Americans of the peace they enjoyed during her husband’s presidency.

Moreover, Americans know that she could turn out to be a breath of fresh air. She forgave her husband for his extramarital affair. It is very likely that she will make our country a peaceful and friendly nation once again. A significant issue that the United States is dealing with at present is the health care crisis. There are millions of people in the country who cannot afford health insurance. Hillary Clinton’s American Health Choices Plan 2007 should alleviate their fears.

The plan – if implemented though Hillary Clinton’s victory during the presidential elections of 2008 – promises to make health insurance affordable for all Americans. Most importantly, the plan would allow all Americans to enjoy health care benefits that are similar to the ones enjoyed by the Congress. Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s victory would be a victory for all Americans, as well as the friends of America around the world who have been thoroughly disappointed by President George W. Bush’s aggression in recent years.

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