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Voting: The right thing

The term good is connected to certain aspects that create a positive impact in a person, animals, and objects. Nussbaum’s main point of apprehension is with respect for humanity, women’s equality and issues touching on fiscal development of the people in focus. She holds the idea that every person has the potential or capability to act in a good way (humane).

In reference to Nussbaum’s “ the central human functional capabilities according to her, are life, bodily health, bodily integrity, senses, imagination and thought emotions, practical reason, affiliation, other species, emotions, practical reason, play, control over’s one’s environment-political and material”. These factors that she identifies dictate the capacity to do good since they almost all work in harmony within a person. However she holds the opinion that practical reason and affiliation tend to overweigh the other items and bring a result of truly human action.

To be human is simply to be good. She depicts that for ‘good’ to be produced there has to be a development of internal capabilities that work in harmony with the existing surrounding environment. These internal capabilities may be principles developed in an individual such as love, honest etc. A good thing emerges out of an appropriate combination of internal integrity and external conditions. However her argument on this case remains open especially in relation to spirituality or religious beliefs and customs.

In religious circles, what is good is regarded to be what is ordained by the Supreme Being to whom people of different religious affiliations worship. For example people who profess the Christian faith believe in the ten commandments of God and hence any contradiction to them is considered to be bad. What is considered to be good improves the quality of that particular substance/ life. The issue of morality is associated with positive behaviors, attitudes, perceptions that are likened to been good. Good pleases the heart and leads to joy and happiness. Tenets of goodness

• A good or right thing to do should be beneficial to an individual and the society at large. • It should be done at a person’s free will – no manner of force or coercion should be applied to force somebody to do something good. • Aspects of goodness should conform to the society’s laid down standards, rules as well as aspirations. • For goodness to be realized one should be ready to sacrifice his or her time and resources in order to achieve good. • If an individual is doing well, he should do it without any fear, a sense of guilt or anxiety. (Brodie, 2004) Goodness of voting

Voting can be defined as the process of electing or selecting individuals who will represent a people in certain levels of governance. The voting process has several aspects of goodness associated with it. These are: • Its an important way to voice one’s opinions regarding elected leaders. • It makes one viable to question the policies and procedures being implemented by a particular elected authority on behalf of the people like the congress. • It ensures that the will of the majority is respected • It will give you a pathway to voice your complaints to the relevant authorities

Importance of voting • It is a moral obligation bestowed up on all qualified individuals to ensure the election of competent leaders who are the servants of the people • It gives the representatives of the people authority to make decisions on behalf of the electorate • It is a means to determine the future of a society How is voting the right thing How one determines the right thing to do is co-related to one’s desires, interests, and values. People have varying reasons on why they vote for particular candidates of their choice.

Some of these reasons may seem valid to the general population whereas some may seem absurd in nature. For instance in a mayoral election some people may prefer one candidate over the other because of what each candidate represents in terms of ideologies, historical background, development record, qualifications as a leader. Like in the case of the United States of America, you will find that most eligible voters are either democrats or republicans these two categories represent different ideologies in issues such as governance, economy etc.

Still others may prefer not to participate in a voting exercise within their locality. If voting has to be seen as the right thing to do for everyone, then it should be carried out with it the capacity to benefit everyone. In a community, any development issue needs to involve everyone since each person forms part of the community. Just like a hand has five fingers and each plays an important role anytime the hand is engaged in some thing. The right thing for any finger in that hand is to participate in that activity whether it seems irrelevant to any finger.

The community is like that hand whereby any activity however much it may seem of little importance, there is a need to embrace oneness. Voting is one key issue through which everyone who is part of a community needs to participate no matter how he or she values the exercise. Joining together with other people in voting enhances social unity. There are various methods of expressing one’s opinion in the public arena. Voting is one of those channels which may through balloting, show of hands etc. Voting removes ignorance from the people since one becomes more alert on the issues on which he or she is voting on.

The basis on which each person chooses to vote or not to vote is mostly connected to the belief system of the person or persons. Doing something for one’s benefit is called selfishness, and this should be avoided at all costs, since human beings were created to love and live with one another in harmony. Every person has a free will, to do what he or she likes, but this has to be governable or controllable. Free will needs to be governed in order not to cause harm to another being. (Brams, 1978) Conclusion Choosing to do what is good is not necessarily governed by the existing environment but by the internal configuration of an individual.

Many people consider voting to be good since they are able to change destiny of their future that includes also their children’s children’s. The voting process should be viewed by the society as a good thing and should be accorded the importance it deserves it’s a process that benefits an individual as well as the society at large. Voting is said to contribute to the common good of the society at large. It is part of a decision-making process that creates laws that govern a country. The right of voting should be a national right that should be put a mandatory to people of over a certain age.

Voting will eliminate political difference among the politicians for they have to accept the decision of the citizens. Voting is a way to voice the public interests through the choice a leader, who will represent their interest and defend them in the corridors of power to ensure that they are fulfilled. This again eliminates the viability of interests among the leaders and only with the public interest will be elected to power.


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