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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Warsaw ghetto uprising was the most sustained confrontation between armed Jewish resistance groups and the Nazis. Undertaken in April 1943 when the Nazi intent to liquidate the ghetto and destroy the site became known, the uprising was an unequal fight between a few hundred poorly armed Jewish youths and a much more numerous, better equipped and better trained enemy. Although only a few Jewish participants in the Warsaw ghetto revolt survived, the uprising symbolized the affirmation of Jewish honor in the face of unprecedented evil.

(Pasachoff & Littman 285) In the year 1930’s onwards, it is known that Germany was in the midst of a very sadistic ruler—Adolf Hitler. The German leader wanted to eradicate all of the Jewish people in Europe. He was not limiting the eradication with the classification of gender or age. He totally wanted the entire Jewish race to be wiped out in the phase of the earth for his own personal interest. This advocacy—of wiping out the Jewish Race took effect and became one of the most popular events in the history of man kind.

The angry and disgust of Adolf Hitler became the reason of the elimination of these innocent people. Many Jews were brought in concentration camps and were maltreated by the German soldiers. Men were not given the proper nutrition and were malnourished. They were not given the proper clothing and hygiene that a normal person needs. Women and children on the other hand, are also mistreated. Children were not permitted to play outside and were just stuck inside of the camps. Many of them had severe diseases and were left to suffer.

They were not given any medications to at least ease the pain of their torment. Each of those Jewish people within the camp was somehow waiting for their time to be placed in rooms where they finally could rest and be at peace. It was a point where in death was the only way out. In the year 1930’s the Warsaw Ghetto was fabricated by the government of Germany for the purpose of segregating the Jewish population from other people living in Warsaw Poland. With the help of Hans Frank who is a German Governor-General, after a year of the invasion of the Nazis in Poland in the year 1939.

Jews occupying the Warsaw cities were taken to a compound and were required to live in a very poor lifestyle—they were provided with small amounts of food which are not sufficient for a person and shelter that is not deserved by any person to inhabit. Very high walls were built in order to isolate the Jewish race. (Aktion Reinhard Camps, n. p. ) The Jews were believed by Germans as good laborers. In the track of Adolf Hitler’s desire or what he called the “Final Solution”—which desires to eradicate the entirety of Jews in Europe, he thought of placing this poor race with in a ghetto.

The main purpose of the ghetto was to isolate and mix the entire Jewish in the area however, some Jews were fearless enough to rebel against the German forces. The rebellion was named as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which started in the 18th of January 1943. The uprising ended in May of the same year. Due to the revolt of these Jews, instead the main plan to make them as laborers of the German government, they were brought to termination camps were in they suffer starvation, persecution and different variety of human injustice which are in human.

In the article made by Marek Edelman in 1945 he stated that: The Jews–beaten, stepped upon, slaughtered without the slightest cause–lived in constant fear. There was only one punishment for failure to obey regulations–death–while careful obedience to the rules did not protect against a thousand more and more fantastic degradations, more and more acute persecutions, recurrent acts of terror, and more far-reaching regulations. To top it all, the unwritten law of collective responsibility was being universally applied against the Jews. (Edelman, n. p. )

The Jews, knowing that they were meant to be wiped out by the German Forces, they deliberated to join the Warsaw ghetto uprising in order to fight for their rights as human persons. Adolf Hitler having the full rights over Poland due to the Molotov-Ribbentrov Agreement, he is entitled to do anything with the territory and its citizens. The Agreement gave him more power within the European continent and more liberty to abuse the Jewish people. Although there were efforts for Poland to provided services in to its people, the war already has devastated most of the areas in Warsaw.

Everyone knew that war was approaching however; most people were shocked with the results of the war, the most popular fact by that moment was “War was expected and had been expected for a long time, but when it finally broke out, it surprised everyone…” (Gutman 4). Everyone knew what was coming yet, no body realized that the devastation will not be an easy recovery. In the continuing power of Germany over Poland, the government of Germany was able to confine the Jews with in the ghettos along with other victims of the holocaust.

In July 22, 1942 the daily deportation of 6000 Jews from the ghetto to the concentration camps began. The action was initiated by the Nazi with their intention of “systematically exterminating” every Jew living in Europe. Adam Creznikow a leader of the Jewish council who is also an eye witness stated in his published diary recounted the horrifying event. “It is three o’clock. So far 4,000 are ready to go. The orders are that there must be 9,000 by four o’clock…” (Creznikow, n. p. ) Based on his statement, thousands and thousands of Jews were taken from different places for the purpose of being executed because of their race.

He further wrote in one of his letter for his wife saying that: “They demand from me to kill the children of my nation with my own hands. There is nothing left for me but to die. ” (Creznikow, n. p) Again another letter was discovered which is addressed to one of his friends. He also stated his view on the genocide which he was seeing with his own very eyes. “They demanded (of me) to prepare transports of children. I cannot take it any longer, I cannot allow (the) death of innocent children; this is why I decided to do away with myself. This is not cowardice or escape.

I am powerless, my heart is splitting from sorrow and compassion and I cannot bear this any longer. My deed will show the truth to all and maybe it will encourage (the) right actions. I am aware that I am leaving you with a difficult legacy” (Creznikow, n. p. ) During the 1942, there was only one fifth (1/5) left of the ghetto population. By January 18, 1943 one Jewish force attacked Germans while one round of transportation was taking place. Those Jewish armed forces only had few actual weapons and a small number of home-made explosives.

With the few of their weapons, they were able to push away the Nazi oppressors. The attack made by the Jewish forces was successful which gave these people a spark of hope. The nation of Warsaw was ready for the war. The Jewish race, although they only have a few powerful weapons which are their homemade bombs, a machine gun, rifles and few pistols. The whole Warsaw rebellion was led by Mordichai Anchenilivich whom instructed the population living within the Warsaw ghetto to create underground shelters under the buildings of the compound which they letter on called bunkers.

The secret shelters were made to facilitate the possible inhabitants of the bunker. After knowing that the Nazi’s had a plan to deport the remaining people of the ghetto, in April 1943, a call was sent by the Jewish Fighting Organization, a resistance group. The organization launched their statement and said that Jewish people were slaves. If the slaves were already nonfunctional, they were immediately killed. They called that there is a need to have courage to resist against the Nazi government.

The Jewish people must have courage and not allow themselves to be butchered until all the Jewish raced is erased in the phase of the earth. In this fight, courage is needed and the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the good of others. The German attacks were stopped by the Jewish groups. The Germans even set fire in the building where the Jewish rebels were attacking. The Jewish force went back to the core of the center for their strategy was damaged because of the action that those Nazis took. A commanding officer named Jurgen Stroop was in charge of the reports in the battles held.

Stroop noted wrote in his report that: Our setting the block on fire achieved the result in the course of the night that those Jews whom we had not been able to find despite all our search operations left their hideouts under the roofs, in the cellars, and elsewhere, and appeared on the outside of the buildings, trying to escape the flames. Masses of them – entire families – were already aflame and jumped from the windows or endeavored to let themselves down by means of sheets tied together or the like. Steps had been taken so that these Jews as well as the remaining ones were liquidated at once.

(Stroop, 997) The lives of Jewish resistance group were much threatened because of actions made by Nazis towards them. In the continuing daily reports of Jurgen Stroop he incessantly narrated the events of the Warsaw Uprising with pride and arrogance presenting that torturing the Jewish groups is the main objective that they must pursue. If his report is continuously read, Jews were as if they are pests in the society that needed to be eliminated in order to achieve development and peace. They were burned to death, slaughtered and were not treated like human beings.

In another portion of his reports indicated that one of the buildings used y Jews as their hide out was again burned by the Nazis. As the building was burning, he could see Jewish rebels jumping out of the windows of the building like they were rats wanting to get out of their hole. The nonstop abuse of the Nazis did not stop the Jewish forces in their battle against the discriminatory government of Germany. Instead of feeling weak and distraught because of the lost of their members, they still fought back and were hopeful that the battle they are taking would little by little show them light.

On the 8th of May 1943, the biggest main headquarters of the Jewish resistant groups was tracked by the Nazis. The area was called 18 Mila Street or known as 18 Mila. The Nazis used threw gas bombs, killing the Jews in side the building. After 8 days, May 16, 1943 the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising finally ended leaving 56,000 Jews dead mostly due to extermination camps or they were burnt alive inside the dug outs. However, 1000 Nazi troops were estimated to have executed by the Jewish forces.

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