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Was John Smith Important to Virginia?

John Smith was considered to be an English soldier, sailor and author of most of the important books and articles regarding his voyages to different land during his times. He was a son of a poor family and baptized at Willoughby (Reuben, 2007). By the time his father died when he was 16, he become a member of the mercenary of King Henry IV of France and later on promoted to being a captain during the campaign of Mihai Viteazul in the early 16th century (APVA. org, 2000). John Smith was the one responsible for the establishment of English people to North America-Jamestown Virginia.

He was the leader of the “Virginia Colony” between 1607 and 1609 that explored the rivers of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay (Shifflett, 2000). The books that he published contribute to educating and persuading the English people to colonize the “New World”. The “New World” the John Smith was refereeing to is the North American Region [Jamestown, Virginia]. It was in December 1606 when he became part of the expedition team to colonize Virginia with three ships namely: Discovery, Susan Constant and Godspeed.

The reason behind the said colonization of Virginia is for the profitability of Virginian Company of London (Loux, 1995). John Smith become more influential by the time the he become the expedition reached Virginia and dock at Cape Henry on April 1607, an order from the Virginian Company of London came up stating that Smith will be one of the leaders of the “New World”. With this role of Smith to the new colony, he was given the authority to supervise and take part in managing “New World” which then was occupied by the Native Americans (Pierce, 2000).

Although before the expedition arrived in Virginia, Captain Christopher Newport planned to assassinate John Smith due to its troublesome behavior. Actually, it is not the first time when John Smith caused troubles on every expedition or mission he is into. But by the time Captain Newport receive the order from Virginia Company of London that Smith will become part of the group of leaders of Virginia, he spared the life of Smith.


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