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Water Resource Plan

Declining fish stock is the result of over fishing. Fishing too much or catching adult fish until finally there where none to catch, this fish became insufficient enough to be able to replenish its population. This becomes fewer until the quantity will no longer able to support a desired amount in the purpose of commercial harvest. As many waters surrounded the earth surface, over 200 million people rely into fishing as the central of their livelihood and food security. One of every five person on the planet is also dependent on fish in order to support their protein needs.

More than any other food producing sectors, stocking and farming of fish as well as other aquatic organisms also known as aquaculture is said to be growing at a fast rate. But today, marine fish stocks are in jeopardy, increasingly pressured by over fishing. The effect of over fishing could be the lost of species as well as the entire ecosystem. This could result into the stress and risk the oceans ecological unity in all and causing it to collapse. Over fishing if not prevented will take us to the risk of losing the source of our income, economical or dietary reasons and most of all the destruction of the valuable source of our food.

Over fishing leads to the destruction of the basic functioning of our marine ecosystems. These unselective fishing practices may result into a tremendous destruction even of a non-target species and the whole ecosystem. When fisheries become commercially unviable and the fish stocks decline it will get into rest and will not be able to process and struggles along on a pathetic level compared to its pre-fishing level. Stocks of fish will be depleted or over exploited and may be possibly be on the state of collapsed. In fact the, large fish are already gone.

The government had conducted studies and proves that many of the large oceans-dwelling fish, such as tuna and swordfish are nearing extinction. But if we really want to, we can be able to reverse most of the destructions and avoid this struggle. Though it may take many decade and centuries before it will totally be accomplished, we can surely have a productive ocean that will be very beneficial for the future use. Every individual can make his or her contributions in solving this problem no matter how small this thing can be. Through the discipline and support each one will give, it will be beneficial to all.

The government should enforce a law and provide some basic ground rules. The total of the fish caught and landed by the fishery should be limited. A monitoring system should be made by the government to make sure that the fishermen do not land more that they allowed to. Fishing in closed areas should be prohibited too in order to avoid cheating. They must apply some techniques and management rules in order to prevent disposal and killing of fish unintentionally. Provide a full protection from destructive fisheries. We also need to make sure that the management everywhere implements these rules.

Fishermen will definitely have something against the plan since their income depends on the amount of fish that they are able to caught and sell and limiting the amount of fish to be caught will surely limit their income. However, this must be done not only to protect and save the environment but the market as well. Yes it may be disadvantageous and unfavorable on the part of the fishermen in the beginning but it will surely benefit this people as well in the long run. Limiting the amount of fish to be caught will also limit the supplies in the market to what is only needed and appropriate.

By doing so, the consumers must also value the marine species that they are buying in the market. As a result, the price may somehow increase which is disadvantageous on the part of the consumers and to the advantage of the fishermen. Still, executing the plan will also benefit the consumers because it will guarantee that fishermen will have enough amounts of fish that will be caught in the coming years. Thus, There will be no gradual change or decreased on the supply of fish in the market therefore having no reason for increase in the prices not only of fish goods but as well as many other marine products.

It will also ensure that the future generations will also benefit from our rich marine resources that are available today. Still the success of every plan depends on the hands of those in the position to make such changes. Not only on the part of the government because everyone is concerned in this matter and therefore, everyone must do their part in helping to save not only the fish population but the whole ecosystem as well. Our beautiful environment is not getting any better and we must act now in order to preserve and secure our environment.

If not, there could be no more fish that will be caught in the coming years; the whole ecosystem will be unbalance, something that is also of our loss. Actions must be taken right away to solve this problem. PART B: WATER POLLUTION Earth seems to be unique among the other celestial bodies for it has water which covers three fourths of the earths surface and constitutes 71% weighs of the living world. Water is said to be the universal solvent. Any cellular or single living organism cannot survive without water. Water also serves as an internal cleansing agent and is important for every individual as 65% of the body is composed of water.

All of the waters and fluids of the human body have their own distinct, significant and importance. These functions may process properly when they are assuring with consistency. Lack of water will kill most people and animals in just a few short days. Pure clean water is vital to all life. But humanity is rapidly destroying even this most precious resource yet nothing is done about it, no one seems to care and insist to protect his or her foundation of life and this most precious resource is being flushed away. Pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers are changing fresh water into dead water.

Water pollution has serious implications on marine life and human health. There are two sources of water pollutants: point and non-point sources. Point source refers to pollutants directly discharged into the body of water such as oil spills, organic and inorganic substances and human waste. Water from rainfall and other sources also gather contaminants as they flow through the landscapes. This is identified as the non-point pollution source. Some examples of non-point source pollutants are the insect repellent, compost or fertilizer, as well as grease and also the sediments.

Although water pollution sometimes happens naturally such as volcanoes, storms and earthquakes this was a cause of water pollution. It is believe that human activities are the major contributor of the adverse effects upon water. Water pollution was originated from different causes and has different characteristics. Water is essential for life-to drink and for recreation. When waters become polluted it will lose its economic and aesthetic value, and become treat to the health of every individual as well as survival of all the animals.

Millions of people can be affected and even kill as they drink contaminated water chemical agents and infectious pathogens reserve. Most of the time, water consumers are not aware of the risks involved due to the exposure to waterborne contaminants. Because of this, they consult physicians who can be considered as unfamiliar with issues regarding water pollution and as well as with its impact on human health and thus, the result is misdiagnosis or even under diagnosis of water born diseases.

This may result in morbidity and mortality as a result of the citizen’s exposure to chemical contaminants and other waterborne pathogens. We cannot immediately realize that we are already damage by polluted water and after long exposure, health has been already damage. Industrial waste materials from industrial processes and heavy metals contains toxic compounds damaged the health of marine life such as fish and shellfish, and subsequently to the health of human who eat them. These heavy metals can slow the development, reproductive failure and poisoning.

Diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever is the most common problem of health developing world and was brought to us by microbial water pollution. Humans and other organisms produce bodily waste that enters rivers, lakes, oceans and other water surface. These wastes can increase the concentration of bacteria and viruses leading to a potential health impacts. Rain runoffs that may be carrying pesticides or fertilizers from different farms as well as gasoline and oil from different vehicles that occur over a wide area are examples of non-point source of water pollution.

However in streams, lakes, aquifers and other water bodies, one of the leading sources of pollution is hydro modification that changes not only the physical structure of a water body but as well as its natural function. Several problems may arise from such modification such as decreased in aquatic populations and water quality and other problems. The best way to minimize if not totally eradicate these sources of pollution is to educate the citizens regarding the harmful effects of their wrong practice.

Most non-point sources are brought by ignorance on the effects of their actions and educating the citizens is the best solution. This can be done through seminars conducted in different places and as well advertisements. Proper management on hydro modification activities is also important in order to reduce the non-point source of pollution both in the surface and ground water. The problems regarding water pollution is caused by human doing and only by changing human ways can this problem be solved.

The government should also strictly enforce waste management in order to make sure that bodies of water are not transformed into garbage site for those irresponsible citizens. Strict implementation of rules and requirement for water vehicles, especially those that carries a large amount of oil and other material must is also a must. The government must a lot funds for cleaning water resources. This may take time but is surely worth it. Doing so may greatly affect how those people concerned live their lives. However, this is for the greater good especially for future generations who will benefit from our present actions.

Our community will also benefit from these actions in the long run through safe and as well as productive water bodies that will found in the community. We must learn to value, respect and protect our resources not only for present generations but for our own health and sake as well. .


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