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Ways of Success

Success is not an easy ladder to climb, as it requires lot of efforts and various steps and attributes to adopt in one’s character. In any business establishment or organization, success comes to only those who strive for it and inculcate within himself or herself characteristics that ultimately leads them to their destination without knocking at the doors. There are three essential steps necessary for success and these are technical competency, interpersonal competency and character. Technical competency implies a person must have knowledge about his field of work where he has joined.

Without technical competency, a person is incapable to contribute positively and fruitfully towards the growth of the organization and this is most important for his own personal growth too. Interpersonal competency is the most crucial aspect to get success in this competitive world. It involves ability to work in co-ordination with others having different skills in organization to achieve target. The third essential step is your character. It is the good and moral character of the person that produces good image among colleagues and your partners.

Your character explains your aims and ambitions. You must have an ability to lead others, become an inspiration figure and have an ability to emerge from failures. According to Dr. Cloud, character is “the ability to meet the demands of reality. ” (Cloud, 2006) This means while hiring team, a senior staff member must make it a point to see that the team has capability to meet demands of company’s goals and can meet the responsibilities of a job or not. A leader should form a team that has an ability to bring potential rewards and share common values and a common vision.

But this is not enough; to really bring about these traits into full practical use, creating environment of trust is the most crucial. Leaders should strive to win the hearts of their subordinates by judging them from their perspective and understanding and clearing the situations that might be hampering their path to complete their projects and reaching their goals. This creates conducive environment and provides them with suitable resources to develop their creativity and produces outcomes according to the goals of the company or organization.

Leaders should have an ability to come across all the drawbacks, negative situations or obstacles in a constructive way and move on the path of their growth, transcending own interests toward the interests of group or organization. To build an environment of trust, Dr. Cloud defined the qualities in a leader in the form of models. These models involve in a leader strength, vigor and courage. A successful leader looks at the challenges as surmountable mountains. Their inner built strength enables them to look at challenges as opportunities to gain strength and accomplish the impossible task.

They possess the likeness for the ones who follow them. Such leaders are not far away from their people and can better relate with them. If a person leading the team is unaware of the needs of his followers, he is not a true leader. A leader should also have a necessary quality to appreciate others. They are warm and caring persons and they are very well aware of the fact that hostilities only drive them away further. Moreover, a leader should develop a feeling of appreciation for others and share his experiences with his followers.

But it is also true that a leader is also a human with certain traits of imperfectness in his or her daily pursuits and interactions with the others. How much a strong leader he may be, his followers must know that his leader has not become a saint overnight and he is still a human capable of committing mistakes and is a mortal like him. Therefore leader should also get a space for his self-understanding. Self-understanding enables him to gather likeness for his followers. Self- understanding also means that leader should understand the importance of self-observance and self –correctness.

This in turn again enables to develop the trust. Building the trust also involves honesty and truthfulness, for which Dr. Henry Cloud said, “‘Telling the truth’ is the first part of having an orientation toward truth. ” (Cloud, 2006) Further he said, “Truthfulness is really measured in terms of our tendency to tell it when it hurts in some way. People fudge or lie when there is a risk of some sort of loss or negative consequence. And that is where our study in character truthfulness begins. ” (Cloud, 2006) By speaking truth, we are honest to ourselves.

We say what we intend to say and not merely say what we don’t want to say. It is honesty that eventually takes us towards the road of our success. A good and successful leader also shows within him an adaptive attitude. Leaders vision and outlook to perceive at the problems assist them in creating a progressive and effective corporate environment. Adaptive leadership also involves capability to understand that relationships are reciprocal and interdependent and all parties in the company have equal value and are equal participant in the success or failure of the corporation.

Adaptive Leadership raises leaders’ awareness of the differences among people and situations. The method to enhance the effectiveness of their interactions is taught by it. By better meeting the needs of each individual, leader creates higher levels of engagement and organizational results. Both success and failure is a part of our life, we have to endure and bear. Losing is a reality that every one encounters and only that person is successful who pierces himself into the failures and breaking all the inhibitions keeps on striving and developing strategies to finally get the results he wants and aspires for.

Loosing involves working more hard. We can cry over spilled milk or we can clean it up and try to discover what caused the spill and can use this information to prevent another spill and move forward. Number one reason for the lack of growth is inability to join forces outside oneself who can push you towards your growth. Just like a plant needs nutrients from the sun, soil and water but sometimes its growth slows and stops and it needs fertilizer, in the same way people striving to create a niche in the corporate world need mentors and coaches to give them boost in their career path.

It is most important for us to understand that people rarely care about words but more about what you are doing and what you intend to say. It’s your actions and your work that speaks. All in all, a successful leader is a one who lives with integrity and leaves behind the trails of his exemplary deeds for others to follow.


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