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We are unified

Alice Walker writes that Blue stated “Everything you do to us will happen to you; we are your teachers, as you are ours. We are one lesson. ” This statement goes back to the golden rule ‘do unto others as you want others to do unto you. ’ I agree with Blue expressing his feelings about humans in an animal’s point of view. Blue was telling the child that animals and humans learn from one another. My essay will point out how people learn from animals in terms of teamwork People can learn from lions on how they use teamwork as a means of survival.

A pack of lions will stay on a lookout for food. For instance, if there is a herd of zebras, the pack of lions will together take down the weakest one and feast on it. The lions will eat the victim at the same time. If a homeless person finds food, there is a possibility that he will not share the food or even explain where he got it. People can learn communication skills needed to build teamwork among one another especially at work. Overeating is something most animals do not practice.

They don’t consume the whole carcass because it’s not their nature. Animals hunt only for what they need on that day. On the contrary, humans eat until they drop. Their stomach gets so full they don’t even realize the fact that it takes about ten minutes for the brain to register such occurrence. Both animals and humans are creatures of habit. If a dog is trained to fight, it will eventually become a fighter. If a person is trained a certain way to enter data, that is the process he would employ. Education is a constant process.

No one can say he has already outgrown the need to learn. Each day we learn: from our harsh mistakes, from our valued experiences, from the people around us, and from nature itself. Through these vessels of learning we understand life. We begin to realize that we need one another. The animal kingdom has constantly provided us with rich examples on how we ought to approach living. From the ants to the lions, they have taught us diligence, patience, industry, unity, and perseverance. Learning is a two-way process.

It is not one-dimensional. When you impart knowledge and wisdom, you also gain something from the other. Teachers teach students to learn but teachers also learn new things from students. We all have unique skills and talents. My skills can teach people; at the same time their skills can also make me become a better person. Life is one big ecosystem. To maintain balance we need to learn from one another, humans and animals. This is the essence of Blue’s words, “we are your teachers, as you are ours. ”

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