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We Sinful Women

Rukhsana Ahmad was known as one of the best writers in this period. Though she came from Pakistan, this not became the threat of becoming good in what she wanted to do. From his roots, she went to London and studied creative writing and pursues her dreams of becoming a writer and poet. After she graduated in his first course, Ahmad started to teach in different schools and became a full time educator and resident of these colleges.

According to research, Ahmad completed her MA degree in Screenwriting at the London College of Printing recently. One of the most significant poems that I wanted in Ahmad’s writings is entitled “We sinful Women. ” This verse is a depiction of women empowerment and realization of the truth behind the context of being a woman. The narrator in this poem is in the emotion of revenge. She is angry with the situation of the woman in the society wherein they were treated as sinners, laborers, sufferers, and servers of men.

After they were dressed in an extravagant gown, they were soon became the maid of all their cause. My perspective in this poem is that the narrator and the author are somehow right. Based on my knowledge in my own society, the treatment of women is always based on the past or the historical perception on the status of women in their community. There is always a connotation that women are only created to support men’s passion and cravings in whatever things they wanted.

Though there is a concept of respect and love, these were not utilized within their own homes when the woman and man are alone. At the end of it all, though women are sinful, they have the right to have their own point of view and ideologies in life. They have the capability to generate their own complexities and simplicities within their own being. It means that all of us are created equal though we have differences. We are all bound to our own justifications and desire.


Rukhsana Ahmad. We Sinful Women.

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