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Web Campus Discussion Assignment Three

Some may rely on gathering food from fields and even dumpsters in order to survive, however a more acceptable form of foraging is through the acquisition of food donations from food related firms. In this sense, it is apparent that the main concern for such individuals is to acquire food in order to survive; however, health related risks may also be associated with such practices. Of course, some may say that its better to be poisoned or become sick than to eat nothing and die from hunger, but why should such risks of poisoning and sickness be left unsolved if potential solutions may be developed in the first place.

If the process of giving out food donations, which is basically in the form of expired or outdated food items, becomes regulated and more centralized then such risks may be minimized. Specifically, routine checks must be done to assure that the food to be donated are still safe for consumption, though not by industry standards. This may seem to be an additional task to be done, but one must remember that the general aim of donating is to help and not to give out additional risks to the individuals in need. Peer Comment A

I think with the economic situation, it is definitely forcing people to forge, if not forcing its giving them the opportunity so they can eat. I don’t want to say it’s easier but its cheaper for a person to go fishing then to go to the grocery store and buy fish. When there is not money it forces people to look at their options to stay alive and foraging falls into that category. Besides on a personal basis, large companies are no t bringing in the money they once were, so they’re limited on what they can afford to buy/grow in order to sell it.

On another note, the companies who can afford foods to sell right now should be required to give their leftover or unused food to organizations that can use them. Once its purchased it’s the suppliers and if they can’t sell it they are taking a loss anyways so why would they waste, instead of donating it to the needy. Response to Peer Comment A Actually, the concept of requiring food related firms to donate leftovers seems to be a good idea.

In fact, it is not difficult to perceive that in most of those firms, food items are thrown away and wasted due to market standards, which basically means that in order to maintain a certain level of quality, most fast food companies discard the produced food that are still far from being spoiled but have exceeded the allowable time after production. If mandated to donate leftovers while having no liabilities in any way regarding the quality of the food given, then it is highly possible that food related firms will be more than willing to discard their items through such a manner.

Peer Comment B In these hard times and consumer driven world, it is hard to remember how it must have been in the world when grocery stores were not around and people had to hunt, farm and gather their food. There were no expiration dates and people ate what they needed. In todays society, sometimes the idea of drinking milk who’s expiration date was the day before stops people from drinking it but, sometimes people push the boundaries and drink the milk anyway. I think foraging can be a good thing.

Just because the milk or food has expired and can no longer be sold in stores does not mean the food is not edible or drinkable. I think America wastes too much food and as food supplies become depleted, people are going to have to remember what it is like to not eat in excess and not waste in excess. I know it does not seem proper to feed individuals expired food but when the food supply is limited because of the increase in population, the idea that is a `leftover` is no longer going to matter as long as it is still safe to eat it should be made available to anyone willing to take it.

Response to Peer Comment B A vital point is given in this comment regarding modern day foraging. It is irrefutable that more often than not, food that are technically expired as indicated in the label are still very much edible. It is important though to consider that the expiration date must not have gone by for a long period of time, since there is a possibility that spoiled food may not appear to be spoiled.

Hence, although such a notion is basically true and the problem of acquisition is an evident one, utmost care and assessment must still be considered in taking in expired food products since if not, then what should have been something that allows for further survival may end up instantly killing an individual through food poisoning. Peer Comment C I think that foraging is definitely an essential link for many people. Some people can survive because of charity meal programs. Food should never be wasted. There are so many people that take their food for granted, but on the other end, there are tons of people that aren’t as lucky.

I think that donating unused food at restaurants and outdated food is great. I don’t think this should be required, but it should be encouraged. As long as there is a variety of foods being donated (i. e. , not just snacks), I think that a nutritional diet from foraging is possible. There should be some measures taken to make sure that the quality is acceptable; there is a difference between “outdated” and “spoiled” foods. I don’t see a problem with this because it cuts down waste. Response to Peer Comment C Personally, I think that nutrition is not a proper concern for those dependent on donated food items and it could never be possible.

In this sense, individuals who are completely dependent on such means of acquiring food are expectedly not that concerned over completely being nutritionally nourished as well. The premise of giving out expired or outdated food is not to provide variety but simply to provide. Hence, if individuals who are dependent upon such donations may change their perspective and aim for nutritional concerns, then it is required for them to develop or look for alternative sources of food as well, considering that there are other methods of foraging or gleaning then it may not be as difficult or impossible as commonly considered. Peer Comment D

Foraging all depends on not only your economic situation, but also where you take up residence. In somewhere like Las Vegas it is not as feasible to grow your own food than it is somewhere that is not a desert. Also rural towns do not have access to food banks like in larger cities such as Las Vegas. In an urban environment there will always be a class of people living below the poverty line as long as we have a capitalist system that is dependent on Social Darwinism, so there will always be a system where the better off give their `leftovers` to the less fortunate, whether it be change or food that was decided not to eat.

Is this wrong? No, but believing that you are being a great person because you over-consumed and had a sudden strike of guilt and decided to donate your leftovers, food or not, is. Response to Peer Comment D Being a great person is a loose term, which may not be properly used here. Although understandably, the point is that giving out of guilt is not something ethically sound. I really doubt its validity as it does not change the fact that the individual have donated his or her leftovers to the needy through his or her own personal will.

Hence, the individual that has given off to those who are in need of resources, whether due from guilt or not, still has given out instead of wasting and throwing away potentially useful resources. Basically, though it is futile to attempt to prove that the perception given in the comment is wrong since it is definitely based from a personal perspective, although in terms of giving out leftovers to those who need it most, ethical issues detrimental to the cause should not be focused upon.

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