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Web Services Oriented Architecture

Zang and Yao (2004) has discussed the issue of web service. After lengthy discussion of various case studies, they have described their own model. They mention that the challenge for any developer is always to come up with a solution that can address the functionality and user interaction issue simultaneously. Their web service model has basically three layers, front-end integration and component repository. Building a model based on case study especially in a web-based project that has not been tested is unfortunately not a practical model.

Real world software project/models needs lot of testing and re-testing that in need continuous improvement and remodeling. Another ignored issue in their paper is the user interaction; nothing has been said about it. In any web based model there are always issue of interaction. This human and user interaction is not between a web service and a consumers, but it is about the whole system; how it works when a user wish to use a service. How web usability differs from one individual to other; understanding which is one of the importance issues , before launching any web service.

Another issue is setting constraints. The researchers want things with no limits but its not humanly possible; the best model has its constraints and limitations and compatibility problems with current or legacy systems; which have been ignored. A model may look wonderful from engineering perspective but the real part is implementing it; which may not look as ideal as it seems. The main issue with the paper is selecting the case study method that provides very limited view in research.

The ideal way would have been to go for an exploratory approach to check vast amount of literature related to the e-payment methods and related web services and then come up with a detailed and focused model. Mockford (2004) looks at the same issue, but with a different perspective. His approach is more detailed and focused compared to the earlier holistic approach. The writer has also given up the model-based approach; instead he opts to rely XML technology. The good thing about XML based approach is it being independent of many constraints that was a limitation.

The earlier researchers discussed the issue of building model from scratch; Mockford instead relies on the embedded technologies which put less constrain on the soft developer, as many handy off the shelf tools can be used in this xml based web service model. The proposed model is detailed, technically feasible with clear specifications. The last paper by Chvda (2007) has provided informative background to the topic but with has limited approach. The mentioned visual studio based model is too simplistic to be adopted or taken seriously by professional developers.

However the paper in the end has discussed the important role of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) between human and machine. One of the key elements of the web is its convergence of various media into networks and simultaneous form of communication. Understanding which needs not only the understanding of technology but communication as well. Web service is about communication in both ways. Web users wish to communicate from the front end through the software to convey the message to companies or organisation on the other end. The real challenge is how effectively the users understand these tools before send the information.

For software developers the basic challenge is to come out of their ideal world where every thing is possible. The real approach is to come up with a focused view/model along with physical constraints, yet try their best to provide quality web service.


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