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Web Site Research Paper On Vietnam War

This site gave an overview of the entire war. It gave an two extensive timelines. The first timeline labeled “The Jungle Years” focused on 1965-1968, while the “The Bitter End” timeline focused on 1969-1975. The timelines were very informative and offered detailed descriptions for many days during this time. It seemed the site was focused on trying to educate the public about the war, with many quotes referring to the “misunderstanding” of the war in general. The site had a great explanation of “Taps” with the history as well as the words.

It had a picture of a soldier playing “Taps” which was very appropriately used. The site also contained a small map of the area and a graphic of the Vietnam Veterans Flag, which were helpful. There was a great deal of information on the history of the Vietnam war. There was also a statistic sheet about the country of Vietnam. The site showed military photos as well as combat chronicals. It was a scholarly site with massive amounts of historical information. This site had links to Sen. John Kerry’s websites, war protesting websites, the War Powers resolution website, and a site featuring the U.

S. Government White Paper on Vietnam 1965. There were many more websites featured as well. The site was very informative and complete. I felt it was educating and nicely laid out. It helped me understand the details of the war. I found this website though MSN search. 2) http://www. historyplace. com/unitedstates/vietnam/index. html The History Place website obviously focused on the Vietnam War in a historical manner. It broke the war up into four areas with timelines, details, and analysis for each area.

The areas were “Seeds of Conflict 1945-1960”, “America Commits 1961-1964”, “The Jungle War 1965-1968”, and “The Bitter End 1969-1975”. It was nice to see information about the beginning of the war and what was going on in the United States at that time. It helped me understand these aspects of the Vietnam War. This website looked very professional and well put together. It was neat and organized. I found it informative and easy to utilize. It had a nice slide show of photos that were very useful. The site was definitely scholarly.

The links were to sites pertaining to the Geneva Conference, Gulf of Tonkin, and other battles, wars, and resolutions. I found this site with MSN search. 3) http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/amex/vietnam/index. html This site is about a television historical look at the Vietnam War. It describes a television show by PBS that is documenting the happenings during the Vietnam War. It offers a timeline, bios of important people, letters, descriptions of weapons and combat terms, maps, reflections from those there, opinions from viewers, and a teacher’s resource area.

The areas are very interesting and complete. It is really interesting to read the opinions of others on the war. It allowed me to learn what type of personal impact the war had on lives in Vietnam as well as in America. The links are all to other PBS shows. There are great graphics and areas where you can go to watch parts of the show. It is one of the most professional sites I have looked at. It is very easy to use and offers great information. It is scholarly and informative. I thought the site was fantastic. I found this site with MSN search. 4) http://www.

nps. gov/vive/ This website is all about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It tells of “the wall”, the three service men statue and flagpole and the women in service to the Vietnam War statue. It states that the purpose of the memorial is to separate the issue of the sacrifices of the veterans from the U. S. policy in the war, thereby creating a venue for reconciliation. The site lists links to obtain information on fees, directions, maps, and rubbings. There are not many graphics on the home page, but if you click on the links, there are a few small graphics.

It is as if they want you to visit it to get a view. The website is very scholarly, professional, and easy to use. It is a bit boring however. It did allow me to learn the purpose of the memorial, which is an important aspect of the overall war. I found this site through MSN search. 5) http://www. mishalov. com/Citations. html This website contains the entire list of soldier’s names and photos that received the Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War. It is a bit of a memorial. It also contains a list of obituaries and links to information relating to the Iraqi War and the soldiers there.

It has links to articles and opinions on the Vietnam War in general. This site was not a very professional looking site. It looked as if someone created it from their home computer. It was nice, however not very scholarly. It did allow me to learn the list of soldiers who received the Medal of Honor during the war however. I was still not very impressed by the website. There were minimal graphics on the site. I found it through Google search. 6) http://www.vhfcn.org/stat.htm This site offered statistics about the Vietnam War. The site is very plain to look at, offering only a few small graphics.

The information however is impressive and well researched. It is a scholarly site with great details on the war. It also talks about Post Traumatic Stress, which has not been talked about on the other sites much. The only links offered on the site are to the VHFCN website. This is obviously not a very professional and appealing site to the eye, but the information is detailed with resources. It allowed me to learn minor details and review quotes made about the war. I was impressed with the amount of information, but the site was a bit plain in general. I found this site though Google search.

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