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Western countries

The Gulf War in the year 1991 was considered a divergence between Iraq and a coalition force of more or less 30 nations led by the United States and mandated by the United Nations in order to free Kuwait. According to Andre Gunder Frank (1991) that the lead up to the war started with the Iraqi attack of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, subsequent unproven Iraqi contentions that Kuwait was unlawfully “slant-drilling” oil across Iraq’s border.

The invasion was met with abrupt economic sanctions by the United Nations against Iraq. Hostilities started in January 1991, resulting in a crucial victory for the coalition forces, which brought Iraqi forces out of Kuwait with minimal coalition deaths. The key battles were aerial and ground combat within Iraq, Kuwait, and bordering areas of Saudi Arabia. Gulf War is the mainly common terms for the dispute used within the Western countries.

The U. S. has recognized using DU weapons throughout the Gulf War against Iraq in 1991. DU munitions have broadly contaminated U. S. military proving grounds and firing. During Gulf War I DU weapons were used in opposition to Iraq. Between 315 and 350 tons of DU was used in such war. Soon after the war, a German professor noted stressful health trends amongst the Iraqi population.

These composed: a important increase in infectious diseases resulted by most significant immunodeficiency in a large part of the population; repeated occurrence of massive herpes and zoster afflictions, as well as in children; AIDS-like syndromes; a hitherto unidentified syndrome resulted by renal and hepatic dysfunctions; Leukemia, aplastic anaemia and malignant neoplasms; congenital deformities caused by genetic defects, which are furthermore found in animals and plants; and Cancer rates in Iraq have now increased up to 10-fold, with the incidence of cancers and leukaemia among children in Basra rising 384% and 300% respectively.

There has also been a considerable increase in genetic disorders comprising neural tube defects which have had a notable 55% rise between 1998 and 2000; an unbelievable 250% increase in eye deformity and a 4. 5% increase in Down’s syndrome births. More and more veterans have turn out to be chronically ill from a large number of symptoms since the end of Gulf War I. For several years the U. S. government denied any liability for their unexplained symptoms. About 7,035 men were wounded in this war. A total of 580,400 soldiers worked in the first Gulf War.

By the end of 2000 325,000 of these troops had turn out to be disabled. This means that 56 % of those who worked in the first Gulf War were disabled within less than 10 years. Numerous returning coalition soldiers reported illnesses subsequent their participation in the Gulf War, a phenomenon known as Gulf War Syndrome. There has been extensive speculation and disagreement regarding the causes of the syndrome and reported birth defects. Some factors considered as probably causal include exposure to radioactive materials, oil fires, and the fast series of anthrax vaccine given to deploying soldiers.

Chronic fatigue syndrome that’s the mitochondria; joint pain; muscle pain; nerve damage; rashes; neurological damage; severe headaches; kidney damage; cardiovascular signs or symptoms; thyroid disease; long damage; multiple cancers; autoimmune deficiencies; unusual fevers and night sweats; fluid buildups; sleep disturbances; gastrointestinal signs or symptoms; abnormal births and defects; menstrual problems; reduced IQ; confusion; memory loss; blood in stools and urine; fibromyalgia; Epstein-Barr syndrome; genetic alterations; mycoplasma fermentans incognitos; infections; unusual hair loss; loss of smell; sinus diseases; chemical sensitivities; asthma; vision problems. Scientists learning the biologic effects of radiation in the 1960s said that radioactive uranium targets the DNA. DU is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people. There are three effects of depleted uranium on biologic systems radiation, chemical and particulate.

The particulate effect of nano-sized particles is the most significant of these three. This emerges immediately after exposure and targets the master code of DNA. Plainly stated depleted uranium “trashes the body. ” The DNA damage is so brutal these patients develop multiple concurrent cancers from various causes. This new syndrome has never been reported before and is exceptional to internal depleted uranium exposure. Such patients were seen in civilians. There is presently an epidemic of cancer in Iraqi children. Another horrible consequence of DU exposure is harm to sperm causing various brutal deformities in the children born to veterans of the first Gulf War.

A group of 251 soldiers from Mississippi, who all had ordinary babies before service in Iraq, were studied. Sixty seven percent of the post war babies were born with brutal birth defects. These children were missing legs, arms, organs or eyes and had immune system and blood diseases. In other Gulf War veterans families the only normal children are those who were born before serving in Iraq. The Department of Defense denies any knowledge of birth defects in Gulf War I veterans. The most terrible effect of the war was the effect on the environment. The War was an absolute environmental disaster the new weapons used by each side took an enormous toll on the landscape. Not to mention the huge oil problems that stem from the war.

Iraq and Kuwait along with the complete Persian Gulf was turned into an oil field. Barrels and Barrels of oil were discarded into the land and the water closes the area. Together with this Iraq released upon the atmosphere environmental warfare when they place mines to blow up the oil reserves of Kuwait. Iraq puts a match to hundreds of oil holdings in Iraq setting ablaze thousands of barrels of oil into the air. Similarly the U. S. decided rather than dropping bombs to kill people instantly it would amplify the effect of the bomb by incasing it in depleted uranium. The Uranium used was left over waste with enormous radioactive properties that is felt by the Iraqi population these days.

The depleted uranium left Iraq a radioactive wasteland with cancer spreading throughout the country. One of the largest problems in the Gulf War was the wreck left from the large oil spills created by the war. At the start of the war the Iraqi forces decided upon a particular tactic to destroy Kuwait and their own water. They opened the valve to their oil storage and started releasing oil into the Persian Gulf. The oil started to flow in the millions of barrels into the Gulf, approximately 10 million barrels is estimated to have been released. The oil spread all the way through the water leaving death and damage in its path. Wildlife and people suffered along with the regions fishing industry.

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