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What is cynicism?

What is cynicism? It may be described as a personal principle of people who are most likely provoked by their self interest that may lead to one’s corruption or dishonesty. Some people who obtain hostile attitudes or negative perceptions regarding people in his environment may lead to a social cynicism. Cynicism among officers can be a predecessor to problems regarding dishonesty, misconduct, stress, or emotional problems. It can lead to a poor quality of his life, productivity, or the relation to his community.

Cynicism may also originate from the demands or the pressure of being on a police profession which can be harmful of one’s social or mental wellbeing. In order for a person to eliminate this kind of problem, he should know the cause of the symptoms and learn how to accept the fact that he is going through on this kind of dilemma so that self-acceptance would be much easier and the remedy will be a fast recovery. Leadership is one example in order to cure this kind of problem.

Police Leader should practice commitment to his work, integrity, and compassion in the community. Training is also important to combat cynicism by educating officer about subject of cynicism which is provided by the psychological services of the department. Another is the community policing which is a two-way accountability that makes officer feels that the management trusts them and they could trust the management. This involved the public and the leaders in collaborative problem solving that helps reducing officer’s alienation and withdrawal.

Police officer cynicism could attack to any positions in the department. The different demands of the enforcement should not affect the values and principles of the officers. With the right guidance on leadership, empowerment, continuous trainings and maintaining proper actions of one’s values and beliefs would be considered then this cynicism could be fought regarding the different conflicts involved. Reference Brooklyn Bounce Retrieved December 16, 2008 from <Brooklyn%20Bounce%201994. pdf>

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