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Who was Forrester B. Washington and what were his accomplishments?

Forrester B Washington had raised voice through his publications and activities against unequal treatment of colored people particularly African American or Negroes. He had worked as Director of Negro Work in the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. His article “The Need and Education of Negro Social Workers” published on Journal of Negro Education, January, 1935 addresses different issues of Negro social worker at that point of time. 2. In what year did Dean Washington write this article and what was important event was taking place at that time?

(2 points). This article was written in 1935. This period was witnessing a transitional phase on various fronts like economic conditions, social inequalities, unemployment and changing social conditions. Negro community was the worst victim of all kind of crisis and problems due to their lowest position in the society. The growing role of social workers to support these communities was identified in this article. 3. In what way, according to Dean Washington, are social workers like mechanics and physicians? (2 points).

Mechanics take care of the proper functioning of equipments and machineries whereas physician takes care of the health of the community. In the similar way, social workers take care of the social health and proper functioning of the community. This includes supporting education, ensuring the isolated member of the community is brought back to the streamline, helping individuals to streamline their lives. 4. Why, according to Dean Washington, are Negro social workers more effective with Negro clients? (2 points)

The reasons for Negro social workers being more effective with Negro clients than white social workers are as follows: • Better understanding of Negro community by Negro social workers. • Knowledge of resources and challenges of Negro community • Sympathetic understanding and better rapport of Negro clients by the Negro social worker. 5. I n what ways did the demand for Negro social workers change during the depression? (2 points) During the depression the overall demand of social workers had increased. However the proportionate number of Negroes social workers corresponding to their population was less.

The demand of Negro social workers was high in the areas with large population of Negroes, however these areas soon got well staffed and the demand decreased. 6. Why is social work training valuable? (3points). Social work training has become increasingly valuable in the society due to increase of the complexity of the society and the problems generated due to these complexities. These trainings enable individuals to learn skills and techniques required to deal with these situations. These trainings enable individuals to work within the legal and social frameworks of the social work.

7. Before the establishment of the Atlanta School of Social Work, why were untrained Negroes hired to do social work, when it was required that white workers be trained? (5 points). There were various reasons of hiring untrained Negroes to do social work particularly for the Negro clients. These reasons varied from the scarcity of the trained Negro social workers to the lack of quality concerns for the Negro clients among the social executives. Some of the reasons mentioned in the article are as follows: • Unavailability of trained social workers.

• Lack of concerns of quality services received by Negro clients among the social executives • Cost of untrained Negro social workers was lesser than the cost of similar white executives. • Educated and trained Negro social workers would have to be treated respectfully. • Social executives not willing to spend on Negro clients as much as they were spending on white clients. • Desire to economize through inferior workers • Nepotism and favoritism were practiced • Desire to please the local Negro community through making appointments from the same.

There were various reasons that led to hiring untrained Negro social workers. However whatever was the reason, these resulted in poor quality of services received by Negro clients and more resources required to train and educate these untrained social workers. 8. What did Dean Washington advise would-be Negro social workers about where to get their social work education? Why? (2 points). Washington advises that social workers training requires revamping from bottom to top and focused on the role of individual from the Negro groups in understanding the needs of Negro community than relying on the State.

This training could come from the Negro groups. As mentioned in the article Atlanta School of Social Work has been pioneer in training the social workers effectively. 9. In what ways was social work among Negroes different from social work among whites? (2 points). Social work among Negroes were different from social work among whites due to various reasons. The challenges of this community were more complex than the white community.

Negro community has to face multiple problems in adjustments in life, competition, victimization of experiments due to their position on the social ladder. 10. Where did the material for social work training for Negro workers come from? (3points). The primary material for social work training for Negro workers comes from the community itself by understanding the community needs, emphasizing with the problems and knowledge of resources and challenges faced by the individuals. The social workers adopt scientific material and ascertain the fundamental principles applicable of social work.

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