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Why I Oppose Discrimination?

The world is made not for hatred, selfishness and pride. The blessings of peace, happiness and freedom were created before the world is set to be inhabited by the people. If there is freedom, peace and happiness, there will be no problems of war, political struggles and any other form of mass killings. The root of this entire horrible situation is discrimination and the same exists because of pride and selfishness. Therefore, pride and selfishness in the heart of every man should be eradicated in order to avoid discrimination.

Discrimination done by superior races should be disfavored since it is the reason why the world is always in chaos and disharmony. The very essence why the world was created begins to be defied by irrational activities. There is a cry and a call for brotherhood and equality all over the world. In addition, the issue on discrimination is very important since it caused a lot of trouble in all parts of the world. It caused disarray in human activities in order to earn a decent living.

Discrimination will turn into an unfair and harmful issue such that it halts individuals from flourishing by means of creating a big issue out of insignificant and immaterial differences, so that it affects their station in life (“Humanist Discussion of Discrimination and Prejudice”). Matters in education, housing, employment and social status are being prejudiced due to discrimination. It is like stereotyping and discerning in opposition to whole assemblage of society (“Humanist Discussion of Discrimination and Prejudice”).

If these situations exist in a community, social struggles and political violence will occur that will turn into war if not prevented. Peace and harmony will turn into hatred flavored by revenge. The most important thing that will be and has been affected by discrimination is the economic activities of every individual. It would be very hard for an ordinary businessman or trader to be affected by chaos in the environment. Its business activities would be hampered due to delicate conditions in peace and order.

Aside from that, people in the community no longer enrich themselves with educational opportunities since they could not concentrate because of unsafe environment. The place would not be conducive for learning then. Finally, it cannot be denied that discrimination is not desirable. It makes the world a chaotic place to live in. It will result to political struggles, civil strife and even to war. Discrimination will also indirectly affect the economic conditions of the society.

Thus, it is important that discrimination must be eradicated by all means available. The solution of the problem starts from every person. Every individual must learn to erase discrimination in their hearts that are irrational. Second, the government must see to it that there are no laws that are designed to discriminate against group of people. There should be efforts conducted to eventually end discrimination. If all these solutions would not be acted upon, there will be no future in the world we live.

Day by day, we add up to the burgeoning victims of irrational discriminatory activities. I know that the only way we can live progressively is to have a peaceful community to live with. Therefore, discrimination is an enemy of economic, social and cultural progress.


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