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Why I would like to pursue the graduate program in International Business at Pace University

The global market is in crisis: many large corporations including the Lehman Brothers are bankrupt because of the current wave of recession that has engulfed the international trade market, crippled most financial tools and limit any reasonable solution that has been proffered so far. It is no news that this economic crisis has affected every household not just in the United States but the world over as various governments await an emerging solution to the recession that stiffens life from her people.

The main issues around this crisis could be the system of government, its link with the means of production and distribution and the economic values of the major players. At no time does it become more important to understand the economics of International relations and business frontiers other than now. My interest in the study of international Business did not start because of the global economic crisis, but it has indeed contributed to motivating my passion in this field of human endeavor.

I have a passion for networking, organizing and establishing gains from such process; this will be useful as a foundational skill to acquire more profound knowledge and equip myself for the challenges of the merging globalised world. I really desire to know, and this informed my choice for the graduate program in the school. Besides, as a college student, I worked with various companies to help family; I made a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2. 7. Currently, I work as Premium Auditor as XL Insurance; my dedication to work has earned me this prestigious position in the company.

And I am also not restricted from acquiring more skills to improve myself and be better poised to contribute positively to the economy of the world. I work and also engage in extracurricular activities: throughout my four years in college, I engaged in various community and sporting activities. I captained the Cross Country team. I volunteered as book keeper in a local church. I have continued to help the community in minimal ways that I can, as I build myself to do more.

Currently, I serve as the Assistant coach of the Cross country team in Alma Mater Baruch College. I have an unflinching interest in this University. I understand there are excellent teaching and learning facilities. It also provides a unique environment that encourages academic work and extracurricular activities. I am a goal-oriented, focused person with an uncanny skill of organizing; I believe this will help me as I interact productively with colleagues and lecturers in the University.

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