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Why people settled in villages between 10,000 BCE -750BCE

A village is a human residential settlement commonly found in rural areas. It is usually larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town or city. Villages have been the normal unit of community living in most areas of the world throughout its history, up until the Industrial revolution and the ongoing process of urbanization. A village is usually small in geographical size with about 5-30 families settled there. Between 10,000-750 BCE, man had no advanced technology as we do today.

What was available was simple technology: notably the use of stones and sticks for hunting, leaves for clothes and tree branches for shelter. Sharp stones and pieces of metal were used as weaponry for self defence. Again it was a period in which for man to live alone was very difficult and dangerous because he had to hunt for game alone, seek a place for shelter and defend himself against wild animals and his fellow man since there was competition for food and shelter. Joining forces as it were to live together was essential for man’s survival.

Hence, people began to live together in little groups and this developed into villages where there was security, food and shelter. Now these villages did not only provide man with food, shelter, defence and sociability but helped shaped man into what he is today. The settlement of man in villages was the beginning of societal organisation as we have it today. Because it was in these settings that moral laws began to be developed, property rights, leadership roles, kingship system etc. It was also the beginning of organised economic activities in societies.

As man began living with each other, norms, values, morals and customs began to be developed either consciously i. e. , the society deciding to enact certain laws and values to be upheld by all or unconsciously norms, values, morals and customs that developed over time after continuous usage. The basic reasons then why men began to settle in villages was for sociability, defence and food production as men realised that it is rather easy, dependable, assuring and reliable to produce your own food than to go hunting every time at the expense of your life.

This resulted in villages or rural communities being basically agrarian in nature. Again, there is strength in numbers. Living together at the same place forged a sense of belonging in each person; and since man was at the mercy of his fellow man and wild animals every time, with wars going on every time, it was easy to defend themselves against any form of attack. Also there is the fellowship between man and his fellow man which we all need in order to feel fulfilled.

Again, living together at one place made the inhabitants see the place as their territory, a part of the earth which belongs to them which feeds them and gives them all there is to have in their lives, so they develop a sense of fierce loyalty towards the settlement and will protect it with their lives. In the ancient days, land meant everything to man, and land meant wealth, so for a group of people to come together to own a piece of it and call their home was important.

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