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Will you marry me?

“Will you marry me? ” he said with emotion in his voice. “Yes” was the answer. But after the elation of the moment, both will soon realize (and mostly the bride) there is a whole lot more to a wedding than the facade. As soon as you start planning a wedding, words like “wedding favors”, “theme” and “tradition” will pop in your head. Weddings are usually remembered through videos and photographs. However, your wedding will be remembered by your guests if the wedding favors you give away are special and meaningful.

How old are wedding favors? Wedding favors are small gifs given to the guests by bridal couples during a wedding reception (or ceremony) as a gesture of appreciation. The tradition of giving wedding favors is very old but no one knows exactly where it started. The first party favor is documented from the 16th and 17th centuries when, in England, the bride and groom gave out love knots made of lace and ribbons. In Europe, the tradition of giving wedding favors is very old.

The first wedding favor was a bonbonniere, a small trinket box made of porcelain, crystal and precious stones, filled with sugar cubes. The sugar symbolized wealth and royalty. As the price of the sugar decreased, the cubes were replaced by almonds. In the 13th century confetti –almonds coated in sugar – were introduced. They soon transformed into Jordan almonds –almonds covered in hard sugar coating in various pastel colors. Traditionally, five Jordan almonds are presented in a small box or wrapped in elegant fabric. They represent longevity, fertility, health, wealth and happiness.

Today, wedding favors evolved a lot and the bride has the option to choose a wedding favor that suits the wedding theme. Some couples prefer to share personalized gifts, such as personalized bottles of champagne, trinket boxes, candles, vases, and even personalized disposable wedding cameras. Wedding Favors Traditions One of the most popular kinds of wedding favor is food, particularly cookies and candy. Choose a chocolate cookie –or bake your own! – place it inside a box, put a ribbon on it and attach a thank you note. Another good idea is to give away flowering plants.

If you manage to find a plant that your guests might even like and then plan it in the garden –quite easy to do if you have a rather small wedding – the your special day will be remembered for ever. Place the plant in a terra cotta planter, decorate the plant and/or the pot –you can paint it – and add a small thank you note. Small scented candles – or even fragrant soaps – are also a good choice. Look for heart-shaped candles –you can even look for the kind that float when put in water – and find a neat box or fabric, but don’t forget to add a thank you note. If you want to be creative, give away photo frames as wedding favors.

Then, send a photo –to fit the frame – together with a thank you note. For a formal wedding –and not to mention more expensive-, pewter can be a nice wedding favor. If you choose to get married on Valentine’s Day, give your guests heart-shaped boxes with candy and a note attached saying “Thank you for being our Valentine. ” The more involved you are in creating the wedding favors –like baking your own cookies or making your own candles – or the more personalized they are – like giving away a bottle of wine with your names, photos and wedding date printed on it – the more impressed your guests will be.

Wedding Favors Themes and Styles When choosing a wedding favor you have to make sure it matches the wedding style/theme. Of course, there are a lot of wedding themes to choose from, so take time to do a little research when looking for the perfect wedding favor to go with your wedding theme/style. Depending on what colors you like and the wedding theme/style you chose make sure that the wedding favors’ color is from the same palette. For example, if you like pink choose hot pink or red and add lime as the accent color.

If you are having a winter wedding, consider giving chocolate snowflakes or a star-shaped chocolate, wrapped in a nicely colored foil. Also a good idea is to find –or make your own -candles that look like holiday ornaments. The winter colors to choose from are: white, red, silver, blue –sky blue, navy blue, gold, purple, cream, and burgundy. If you are having a romantic wedding, a good choice is to give away butterfly shaped chocolate. They can also be used in a spring theme wedding party.

The colors to choose from are: tangerine, lilac, pink, fuchsia, lime, yellow, white, and soft violet. If you choose the beach theme, give your guests a sea shell shaped candle or put the candy in a sea shell shaped box. A bottle opener shaped as a dolphin can also be a good wedding favor. By the way: a real sea shell will sure be reminded! This wedding theme is appropriate for a summer wedding and the colors you can choose from are: yellow, orange, coral, red, sky blue, green, lime, lavender and lilac 2007

Wedding Favors Trends Today, wedding favors can be absolutely anything. However, the presentation is the key. Weather you choose to give away edible treats –almonds, candies, chocolates -, something homemade – cookies, jam -, a CD with your favorite songs, a sea shell, a candle, it’s all about the way you present it –packaging – and the way you personalize it. Nowadays, everything is personalized: ornaments, sea shells, candles, golf balls, match boxes…you are only limited by your imagination.

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