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With great concern and love

I am writing this letter with the hope it finds you in a spirit of understanding. The words to come may not be welcome, but please understand that they originate from compassion and the belief that underneath it all, you are a person I continue to respect and believe in your inherent decency as a human being. To begin with, I know that life has not followed the path you may have set out to walk. In many instances, it seems as though you have been running full speed ahead in the quest to not miss a single moment. Unfortunately in the rush you have not had the time to see the things that may be the most important.

Ultimately that is for you to decide and to contemplate as you move on following your divorce. I am not here to patronize you or to condemn you for the choices you have made. What I am trying to do is to provide you with another set of eyes through which to view your present circumstances. To say it plainly, you have hit rock bottom, whether you can understand it or not. That being the case, the only place to go is up. I am here for you every step of the way; all you have to have is the courage to ask for help. Nobody expects you, or has expected you, to go through life alone.

Unfortunately your self-destructive tendencies have blurred this fact and you now find yourself alone and suffering from a terrible disease. Understand, drug addiction is a disease that your body and mind suffers from (Addiction). It may seem that there is no hope from this fact but there is. You have four beautiful children that still need a father. Nobody can replace you in their eyes, no matter the obstacles you have placed in the way. In your better days you were their light and their source of strength and inspiration. Find solace in the fact that you have been a great person in many aspects of your life.

Do not let one aspect of your personality be the sole driving force behind your conception of success and failure. I have included some pictures from those brighter days, not to look down upon your position now, but to offer a source of inspiration with the hopes of a brighter return in the future. In order to return to, however, you cannot look back too much. Instead, keep an eye on the future and the change you can integrate into a better life. Although it seems like there is no way out from this hole you find yourself in, that is not the case. We are here as a rope and helping hands to assist you on your climb.

And believe me; you will climb out of this hole. Embrace the challenge and make small goals that you can achieve everyday. Reach out to the people who love you, not to the people who want to see you fail so that they can feel better about themselves. The winds of change rely on optimism and faith, not on pessimism and despair. Keep your head up and feel the breeze. Taste the fresh air and consume positive relationships for they will be your legs as your feet tire. You are not alone in your struggle. If my language seems naive, then let me get concrete.

According to the Stop Drug Addiction service organization there were 19,102 Deaths From Drug-Induced Causes in 1999 (legal and illegal drugs). In 2001, an estimated 15. 9 million Americans aged 12 or older were current illicit drug users. Employed drug abusers cost their employers about twice as much in medical and worker compensation claims as their drug-free coworkers (Drug). I do not have to tell you that most prison inmates are addicted to drugs. These numbers are outrageous on a social scale and hard to believe. However it hits close to home when somebody you love embodies these numbers.

You are neither a number nor a statistic. You are a person with great sincerity and thoughtfulness that has gotten trapped in a cycle of self-destruction, the reasons of which only you can know and that I hope you can help to explain to the people who love you and who you love on your road to recovery. Please believe me when I say I love you and that I want only the best for you. I would not be writing this letter otherwise. In order to get better, there are a few ways that I have learned that have helped me when I was struggling to give purpose and hope to my life. First of all, set realistic goals.

Try to achieve at least one small goal every single day, whether that be not using, going to a support group, or doing a good deed to a random person. Every single goal you accomplish is part of a larger goal. In fact it is not a larger goal that I am speaking of, it is your life. No doubt you have probably gone over all of this in your head millions of times, but sometimes it helps to hear it from somebody else with a different perspective. Finding work that you believe in is another way to keep you focused. Boredom is sometimes the leading cause that leads to unproductive and self-destructive habits.

Keep yourself curious. Growing up I remember how you loved to play sports and to listen to music. Cultivate your interests and parlay them into your everyday life. This will keep you busy and it will provide spiritual nourishment that will propel you into tomorrow. There is always tomorrow, you know, not just yesterdays and todays. Keep that in mind when you feel stuck or when you are going through withdrawal or having a craving. There is always tomorrow. There is always tomorrow for your family as well and I hope to be a part of your tomorrow. Right now it is hard, for all of us.

As much as I want to build you up, and I sincerely do, I also want you to know that when you hurt yourself you are also hurting everybody around you who cares about you. When you disappear or are in jail or getting fired from a job, it hurts all of us because we know how immense of a potential you have when you are sober. You are abandoning our hopes in you at the cost of a cheap kick, albeit a powerful one. You undermine our belief in you every single time you get high and try to escape the world. The world cannot be escaped, which I’m sure you are aware of. Embrace the world and it will embrace you. Hope breeds hope. Love breeds love.

Destruction breeds destruction. I embrace you. I hope for you. I love you. These are facts and they are meant for you to understand. They are more than words, something your kids and your family will always have for you and that you will hopefully reciprocate in due time. Again, we are here for you and we will do everything in our power to be there for you in your time of need. I hope you are still reading this far into the letter and that you understand where it is coming from. Everyday you are in our thoughts and I hope you think of us often as well, even when you are struggling, embarrassed, locked up, and even when you are high.

As long as we are in your thoughts we are alive in you. You are alive in me constantly and I want you never to forget that. Take care of yourself, please, for all of us yes, but most importantly for yourself and for your children. You have more to live for than drugs.

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