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Working women

The women in the early 1990s were shown to be 1. More aggressive 2. They were dressed up in ways which tend to complement their profession 3. However, the women in the 1990s were not necessarily manly 4. They may be dressed up professionally but they still manage to look pretty and feminist 5. Strong women were more likely to have some profession or aim in life 6. It can be seen from the pictures that the women were also more into anti criminal activities

7. The women accessorized themselves perhaps by bracelets or so to complement their feminity 8. Most of the strong women belonged to the last twenties or early thirties age bracket 9. The women who were influential also looked more mature and dominant 10. Confidence amongst the women was also one important key If we compare and apply those principles to the 2000 definition of strong women there may be a lot of similarities that may apply.

For instance, strong women of the 2000 still tend to dress up to complement their feminity. Also the accessories worn by the accessed in 2000 also seeks to complement their feminine look. However, there seems to be some deal of improvisation by for instance the tattoos. Apart from this note that although firm and aggressive at times it may not necessarily be that the women in the 2000 are shown to be aggressive at all times. In fact, they are also shown to have a soft side or a more caring look.

In addition to this, the age bracket for the 2000 women who are dominant tends to extend over a wider age group perhaps also to the late 40s. In addition to this, the TV shows of 2000 also elaborate the fact that it may not necessarily be that the dominant women are only working women. More recently shows also highlight housewives as being powerful and strong.


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