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World Wide Web

It is an accepted reality that the World Wide Web has become one of the most widely used sources for information. Each day, millions of users search using the Internet for the information that they require. In a way, the Internet has emerged not as the alternative source of information but as the primary choice. My search for the article I needed began the search engine Google. Although there are other search engines available, Google has always been my search engine of choice. The next step required me to determine what terms I would use in searching.

This is a vital step as sometimes the information that you get would highly depend on what search terms you would use. Having decided on the search terms I would use, I began to browse through the results that Google generated. The article I have chosen was found on the first page of the results. As I look back on the process, I realized that searching for articles online was not difficult. The most tedious task in searching would be determining what to search for, meaning what words to use. However, I also realized that not all information available online comes free.

Some articles which I viewed required the payment of certain fees. This was especially true for articles from scholarly journals or publications that are available on online databases. As I know write this evaluation report, I have come to realize that searching online requires patience and careful examination of the information so that its credibility can be verified. Most of the time, I am apprehensive about articles from the WWW. This is because there are many companies who use articles online to promote certain products or services.

These companies have articles written on certain subjects and interject the product or service that they are offering. However, to ensure that the information I retrieve from the internet is credible, I read through the whole article and see if credible sources are used. In the case of the article I chose, I was admittedly initially doubtful of its credibility. However, as I read the article and saw who its authors were as well as the organization that published it, I concluded that the article was credible and useful for those who would read it.

I believe that with regards to information regarding child development, both practical experience and scientific theories should be utilized. Basically, an article should be based on scholarly work and at the same time, it should have practical application. Inevitably, scientific theories are deemed useless if their relevance to actual practices cannot be seen. In the article I chose, the information it provides is a result of using scientific research to produce practical guides to child development with regards to video games.

It cited researches conducted by various scholars as sources for the guiding principles it gives parents. This, I believe, is the best way to write articles geared towards child development. The article I chose provides parents with a guide as to how to monitor their children’s use of video games. The primary point it makes is that parents should choose wisely what video games their children play. Such choice should consider the content of the game and its appropriateness for child’s developmental level. Also, it tells parents to monitor the time that their children spend on video games.

The article further discusses the idea that violent video games could lead to increased aggression and violence in children. Finally, the article concludes with advice for parents to play the games with their children and engage in conversations with their kids with regards to their emotions and thoughts about the games that they play. As earlier mentioned, the article I chose is based on scientific research. There are several studies that discuss the effects of video game violence in the development of children.

A study conducted by Schutte (1988) coincides with the article’s point that video game violence can increase aggression in the child. Schutte (1988) found that, “Iin a group of 5 to 7 year olds, children imitated during free play what they had been just been exposed to on video games. The children who played active but non-violent games reflected that in their play, while children who played games with violent themes showed more aggression. ” In another study focused on an older age group (ages 7 and 8), it was found that boys who played aggressive video games exhibited more aggression when they engaged in free play.

(Irwin, 1995) Also, the same study found that such boys showed more aggression in a structured frustration inducing exercise than those who did not play aggressive video games. (Irwin, 1995) These studies show that the article I chosen is based on sound scientific principles. The article I have chosen is very useful for parents especially in today’s time. More children have turned to video games as their choice of entertainment and play. However, due to the variety in available games, constant monitoring by the parents is a must. The information in the article can be used by parents and teachers alike.

For instance, parents can follow the advice in the article to properly pick the games that their children play. Nowadays, games have marks that help buyers identify what age is appropriate for the game. Parents can use these markers as guides in buying their children the games. In the school, teachers can use video games as a point of discussion. They can ask their students to talk about the video games that they play. This can be their start off point in discussing relevant values that can help develop the moral character of the children.


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