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You’re Fired!

The famous show “The Apprentice” featuring multi-billionaire Donald Trump features young executives trying to earn a spot in Mr. Trump’s corporation. At the end of the show, he tells the luck winner, “You’re hired”, but not before loudly exclaiming those famous last words to the other contestants one by one, “You’re fired! ” The reality show does mimic real life in the fact that people do indeed get fired from their jobs. While Mr. Trump may not be called in to give you the boot, you can still get fired with style and grace. Whether you want to get fired or you think that you may get fired, make sure that you go out in style.

To get fired, make yourself replaceable, do less than minimum, and if necessary, make a scene. To keep a job, a common piece of advice is to make yourself irreplaceable, meaning be as valuable to the company as you can be. Know how to do something that no one else can do. It only makes sense that to get fired, you should do the opposite. Do everything mediocre at best. Don’t exhibit your unique talent for flipping burgers or for making the boss’s coffee just right. Drop those patties on the floor and bring your lazy boss a cold cup of milk and sugar.

Always look as spaced out as possible, as if you are not really mentally at work; it will be easier to transition to not physically being there either. When the minimum is all you need, search for a car insurance company who offers less. When you want out of a job, do less than the job actually requires. All jobs require you to be on time, so show up late every day, if you even show up at all. Your constant tardiness and blatant disregard for your responsibilities will infuriate your bosses. If you do show up, dressing the part is totally uncalled for. Be sure to wear whatever you’d like to wear to work that day.

Forget that fast food uniform! Sweats and a rock t-shirt will surely get you noticed and possibly even sent home for the day. If a factory job is what you seek to lose, working under productivity and slowing the line down generously will ensure your trip to the firing range. No good firing scene can be without the good scene. Go out with style. Go out with a flash! Make sure if you’d like to get fired that you anger your boss as much as possible by yelling at him or her, choosing the most vulgar and disrespectful language you can muster. This will not only draw the attention of everyone around, it will leave a legacy if done effectively!

If you have food, throw it on the floor in rage; if you have beverage, dump it violently on the floor. Make them remember you! Make them fire you! Not everyone enjoys their employment at certain establishments. If you are looking to get fired from the Donald one day, following any of these pieces of advice will not lead you down that possible road to rejection; however, it will certainly get you fired from just about any job that you’d like. You may even be banned from the premises. Don’t forget to make yourself replaceable, do less than the minimum, and make a scene. It will be one firing you will never forget.

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