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A philosophical Comprehension

The story is about a professor who was arrested because of teaching theory of evolution to his biology students. He was accused by violating the law of teaching evolution, after being arrested he became the talk of the town, the controversy runs in Hillsboro where people followed the court trial. Matthew Harrison Brady and Henry Drummond serve as defense and prosecutor lawyers. During the line of questioning of the lawyers, the judge (courtroom spectator) changed his view and become in favor of Cates.

The trial was considered a triumph in their society; Drummond filed an appeal and felt humiliated with what happened. The movie showed how religion affects the society and the way of thinking of the people. The characters portray different components of the community. This is a battle of culture against freedom of expression that sometimes people cannot express their emotions because there are laws that they need to abide.

It is clearly emphasized that society dictates the norms and culture which people should follow and live with. There is thin line that separates religion (Church) to government (State). They work hand in hand together but have different responsibilities. The movie creates an impression in a philosophical way to practice individual thought and freedom of expression.

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