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Tangible Improvement in Voluntarism Within Minority Communities in the UK

In 2012, the Olympic Games and will be held in London, England. As always, a large number of volunteers will be required to make the Games a success. However, in the past, voluntarism among the Black-African community in the UK has been minimal. Re... read more

Corporate capitalism

Looking at it, corporate capitalism can be blamed for being involved directly or indirectly in the sating of waste plants both in the domestic and international level. This can be argued as a setback and problematic nature of the term as it provide... read more

Summative Evaluation

An evaluation is the process of determining the efficiency, merit, significance, or worth of a program or a person. Two of the more common types of evaluation are formative and summative. Formative evaluation is an evaluation type that is conducted... read more

Journal of American Society

A recent study featured in the Journal of American Society for Horticultural Science explores the effects of the outer-space environment, specifically its microgravitic conditions, upon growing sweet potato. An experiment conducted by Desmond Mortl... read more

The Smashing Machine: Ethics and the Deadly Game

The Smashing Machine documents the life of Mark Kerr and how he fought, survived, and eventually went down in a violent and bloody fight on the ring. This film is a documentary of the deadly fight on the ring. The ring where the athletes fight have... read more

Marriage Studies

In a study by Cremin, Garnett, Gregson, Hallet, Mupambireyi, Mushati, and Nyamukapa, the authors focused their attention on measuring the trends in the age of individuals when experiencing their first sexual intercourse and the age of individuals w... read more

Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism

To be able to comprehensively understand Marx’s theory of the transition from feudalist mode of production to capitalist mode of production, it is important that one should examine and analyze his and Engels’ thesis on class contradiction and m... read more

Personal Development

This essay is basically about the field of conflict resolution. Moreover, I have discussed my own personal attitudes and behaviors in case a conflict arises and how and in what ways these attitudes and behaviors have changed. Conflict resolution is... read more

American Civil War

The Civil War was one of the most relevant occurrences in the history of the United States. It was the event which helped shape the United States as the nation that it is at present. The American Civil War was regarded as a failed war for Southern ... read more

Most Common Student Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Do you make many mistakes in your written works? You are not alone because many students experience the same problem making the same types of mistakes when writing such kinds of works as a custom essay, research paper, and other academic writing works... read more

How to Write a Lot: Best Tips for Boosting Your Writing Productivity


Every professional writer at some stage experiences a problem with working productively. There are many people, who are not professionals in this area, encountering the same difficulty and, no matter what, they have to prepare the required work on time... read more

How to Write a Great Essay about Anything: The Best Tips for Ambitious Students

If you aim to get good marks for your written papers, you would need to learn how to prepare a great essay without any grammar mistakes. It is not difficult to write on a certain topic that is familiar to you, while writing on unknown topics and diffe... read more