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According to Milgram

1. According to Milgram, some form of authority is always needed in a communal environment, and those that are not forced to respond are the people who are in isolation, or people without communities. People who belong in this authority still has a... read more

Compulsory Military Service: Saving our Youth

Many of the world’s modern ailments can be traced to a lack of discipline, inadequate educational opportunities for the young, and individual feelings of inadequacy. In order to treat these ailments, one scholar has noted that “Supporters of a ... read more

Twenty First Century: A New Kind of War

Paul Virilio, a French thinker who abandoned sociology in favor if war was interviewed by Sylvere Lotringer. In the course of the interview, the two parties talked about the evolution of politics and the effects thereof to mankind and the world. Vi... read more

Military Solutions to Bigotry

The big issue in today’s global security circumstances is if giving homosexual individuals chance to serve the military openly would degrade or enhance the people’s readiness. Of late military officials have indicated that they are freely inter... read more

Military Revolution in Europe

One of the major stimulants of transition and revolution in Europe is the invention of gunpowder and cannon in warfare. Black powder or gunpowder is a chemical substance that is made in such a way that it burns very rapidly and is significantly use... read more

Effects Of War Military Family

The recent involvement in war by many countries especially the Second World War and the subsequent wars in the middle and Far East have been of serious concern especially addressing their effects on the families of soldiers. Many human rights activ... read more

Mandatory military service

Mandatory military service is a very old form of public service, it is practiced both in the democratic and undemocratic nations. In most countries, practicing mandatory military service starts upon attaining the age of eighteen years or after comp... read more

Military History

A significant part of international relations for any government is made up by the manner of agreements and understandings a particular government has with other states. The USA utilises three major types of agreements when conducting diplomatic ne... read more

Military Structure

Key terms were identified prior to processing the transcriptions into codes. Such terms were deemed significant in this study. The key terms identified represents the possible outcomes of either a centralized or decentralized decision making proces... read more

Military and Environmental problems in Vietnam

Vietnam has faced an ample of war situations with countries like France, U. S. , Japan, China and Cambodia and the war still continues with the ecological and environmental issues. As mentioned it was a real war which involved highly incendiary liq... read more

The Military Stop Loss Program

The Stop Loss Program in the United States military can be defined as the involuntary extension of member of the United States military into active duty under the enlistment contract. This program ensures that service members are retained beyond th... read more

Milk’s career

Gus Van Sant’s Milk is here to recruit you. While most who go to see this film starring Sean Penn will only be familiar with the story as a result of the advertising campaign which highlights Milk’s career as a gay activist, the film reveals th... read more

Impact of mining in Arizona

The mining industry has been crucial to Arizona’s economy since the early 1800s. Minerals such as gold, silver and copper have been found in the area. The mining industry of Arizona has provided employment to a large number of people. However, mi... read more

Free Encyclopedia

From the 1800s, the Western world and mining have been closely linked with each other due to some geological and historical reasons. In the United States, mining gained prevalence when the Gold Rush took place in the mid 1800s. Ten years after the ... read more

Crystal size

The earth is basically made up of minerals which are derived through various natural processes. These processes are continually taking place in the crust. Minerals are described as solid, organic or inorganic substances that exist naturally and hav... read more

Mills Theory

The Mills Theory principle states that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. I disagree to his statement because not all deeds that lead to happiness are considere... read more

The Spirit of the Age

John Stuart Mill, an English philosopher and a political economist, had an important part in forming liberal thought in the 19th century. Mill published his best-known work, On Liberty, in 1859. This foundational book discusses the concept of liber... read more

Movie Review: Down ‘n Dirty

The 2009 movie Dirt by Gene Rosow and Bill Berenson and starring Bill Logan, Paul Stamets, Gary Vaynerchuk and Vandana Shiva, is based upon the book Dirt, The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth and is a unique approach to the significance of man has with d... read more

Mountain warfare

Mountain warfare is that kind of war that takes place in a mountainous region or in what could be referred to as rough terrain. It is also referred to as Alpine Warfare a name borrowed from Alps Mountain. This kind of war is perhaps the most extrem... read more

Motivational Factors Influencing a Choice of Destination Made by Tourists

Various studies and theories have proven the effectiveness of motivational factors in influencing the travel decisions and consumption behavior of tourists. According to Hinch (2004), selection of tourist destination is concerned with the motivatio... read more

The First Time I Rode a Motorcycle

In view of my desire to be the tough guy, I had always wanted to ride my own bike, which I felt for some reason to be a natural instinct in me. My brother who rides a 2003 Harley Heritage Springer and who also has a few other bikes from Harleys to ... read more

Title Of Assignment

The business of Eat2Go, as evident from the case, is growing. The growing magnitude of business calls for more efficient business processes to remain productive and increase efficiency. Currently, the sales receipts and other information are fed us... read more

Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey, the best seller author said, “While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions”. These words reminded of the unfortunate incident in my life that has taught me to respect the law ... read more

The Concept of Revenge in The Cask of Amontillado

Perhaps one of the most well known of the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado,” is a bone chilling tale of revenge and anger. In this tale, Montresor plots and eventually takes his revenge on an unsuspecting Fortunato by entombin... read more

TRACs for the homeless: Traveling Resource Allocation Center for the homeless

TRACs believes that every individual deserves a chance in life. It is unfortunate that others have had to encounter misfortune but TRACs believes that it can give these people a better future by creating opportunities and giving them the tools need... read more

Mississippi Burning Movie

Important events that happened in the past as well as the corresponding personalities that were involved within it have played an important role in the history of a particular country. It is essential that every individual knows his or her past in ... read more

Race, Identity and Gender in Mississippi Masala

The opening credits of Mira Nair's 1991 film Mississippi Masala tell the story of how Jay, his wife Kinnu, and their daughter Mina, leave Uganda in 1972 as a result of Idi Amin's order that all Indians must be expelled from the country. The film pi... read more

Rocket Shield Debate

On the 21st of this month, Russian administration gave a press release in which they expressed their concern over the increasing interest of the new United States administration in missile defense programs. Russian authorities are beginning to expr... read more

Mistaken Identity in Twelfth Night

Shakespeare is wont to employ the tool of mistaken identity in his plays. Twelfth Night is one of his plays that best embody the effective use of mistaken identity. In the play, Sebastian was constantly being mistaken for his twin sister Viola who ... read more

The Mistreatment and Oppression of Women in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The treatment of women has always been a familiar topic in literature. More often than not, literature shows women in a negative light. The cruelty and abuse that women all over the world experience in a male-dominated society have often been refle... read more