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Issues in Using the Internet as a Marketing Media

The use of internet as a marketing media provides a lot of advantages to various businesses. It also has some inherent drawbacks which need to be taken into consideration while using the media. Some of the major advantages are outlined here. In the... read more

Assessing Stories: Fisher's Narrative Paradigm

Tlic CImIi of Civilizations and the Remaking of World order of Samuel Huntington is a good example of а particularly pernicious conceptual narrative, by which considerable influence beyond its immediate disciplinary boundaries has been exercised.<... read more

Push and Pull Marketing Strategy

The main determinant of the market for any product is determined on the basis of the purchasing power of the customers. The purchasing power is determined on the basis of the ability of the consumer to buy as well as how much power the consumer is ... read more

World Music through the Internet

The Western music has always had the influence from the foreign music. This can be seen by an analysis of the American Pop music chart. The music albums of Shakira are being made in both Spanish and English language. “Sergio Mendes has revived hi... read more

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Moreover, simultaneous occurrence can also been observed in the both trends. The other major postindustrial forces would be reinforced by the SATS. Mass media, transnational organizations, and interdependent world problems are some of the examples ... read more

Rapid Progress in Translation Technologies

It has been suggested by the continuing evolution of computer power that operations of the high-level automated translation systems would be working in the near future. Moore’s Law has been the bases of this assessment, which is related to the co... read more

Charles Darwin

There exists in America today a debate between science and religion. This debate has continued for over a century since Charles Darwin’s watershed publication of “The Origin of Species” in 1859. This collection of natural observations made by... read more

Interactive Art

Nowadays the popularity of interactive art is evidence and is still growing. Critics claim that interactive art is still in the stage of “infancy”, though the progress is powerful as more and more people are getting involved in this kind of art... read more

Intentional Torts Against Persons and Against Property

Intentional torts are considered as civil wrongs which when deliberately committed consequently results in an injury or harm which is recognized as a legal basis for a complaint in court (Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute we... read more

Coalition organizing

Migration of people from one geographical area to another is happening as people go to look for better livelihoods, furthering education and others for visiting purposes. As a result in one geographical territory there can be so many races of peopl... read more

Interaction of Research Methods and Choices

Researches are done by several experts in their own field to be able to solve certain issues and also to create possibilities in discovering or even inventing new things based from possibilities and probabilities of the things that are existing in ... read more

Pharmacist by profession

Like anyone else I too have many intentions in life. One of these is I want to have a successful business someday specifically pharmacy because I am a pharmacist by profession or any other means to earn a living so that even in my little way I can ... read more

The investment climate of Turkey

The investment climate of Turkey, that forms barriers for any outsider, whether large or small, domestic or foreign, cause problems that affect all economic sectors of the country, particularly the telecommunication sector. The major problems which... read more

The Internet and Interpersonal Communication

Communication is vital in our daily lives. How we interact with other individuals defines who we are. With the advent of the internet, communication has evolved in many ways. There is much debate on whether the internet is beneficial to interperson... read more

Psychological Bulletin

Intelligence testing had been the earliest form of psychological tests and has contributed to the popularity of psychology in mainstream culture (Cianciolo & Sternberg, 2004). However, the measurement of intelligence relies heavily on how the t... read more

Mainstream culture

Intelligence testing had been the earliest form of psychological tests and has contributed to the popularity of psychology in mainstream culture (Cianciolo & Sternberg, 2004). However, the measurement of intelligence relies heavily on how the t... read more

Intelligent Design in the Science Classroom

Intelligent design has become a fairly “hot topic” in recent years thanks in large part to a great deal of sensationalist media that has presented arguments both for and against the teaching of intelligent design. Unfortunately, most media cove... read more

Intelligence vs Wisdom

King David was the most intelligent among the biblical characters. He was called as the “wisest King”. He was considered as such due to his wise judgments, his fair outlook and perspectives. He treats people indiscriminatively and sees things i... read more

Intelligence Cooperation

Intelligence is a mere word that pertains to one of the faculties of the human intellect; the ability to comprehend. The framework of the human intelligence has evolved from the ideology of man in pursuit of developing societies, governments and wo... read more

Intelligence and Security Study

Intelligence is the information related to a foreign unit, sometimes an opponent, plus agencies concerned with collection of such information. It is closely joined with the intelligence cycle, a process where raw information is obtained, transforme... read more

Intelligence Presentation

An example of classical conditioning I have experienced in my life was when I developed the so called conditioned taste aversion. This is a learned aversion to a taste associated with an unpleasant feeling, usually nausea. As a patient in a hospita... read more

Intelligence Tests

The controversy that exists about intelligence testing stemmed from the known publication of 1994 The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. It caused a great reactive force in the... read more

Children’s clothing

A manufacturer of children’s clothing is considering expansion into international markets. Outline the process which this organization could use to systematically analyze and compare potential markets. Highlight any problems which could arise whe... read more

Spearman’s Model of Intelligence

Intelligence is an overall capacity for learning and problem solving. Basically, it is single, pure ability, which varies in amount. It differentiates the individual's behavior as a whole because it is composed of elements or capabilities, which ar... read more

Integrity and Ethics

Integrity has often been confused with Morality and moral philosophers have more often than not discussed about the various tenets of Morality than that of Integrity. Integrity is often used as a synonym for completeness without any impurity affect... read more

Integrity in our education institutions

This refers to the use of someone else ideas, words or works without proper acknowledgement (Carroll, J. 2002). This is a growing problem in the tertiary institutions as supported by numerous research studies and the attention the topic is attracti... read more

Chicago public schools

Integrative Education is defined as education that promotes learning and teaching in non-fragmented ways that embrace notions of holism, complexity and interconnection. Further more, integrative education embraces the links rather than the division... read more

Scriptures constantly

The Bible is known worldwide as a holy book that holds the most important details about human life and the factors that govern it. It could not be denied that through history people, both Christians and not have seen the essentiality of the Bible a... read more

Integration of Arts into Curricular Delivery

During the last two decades, more and more attention was directed at the need to integrate interdisciplinary arts education into the public school curricula. Eisner & Day (2004) established the essential for the arts and then argued that the in... read more

Phd Program on Integrative Biosciences Admission Essay

Persistence, curiosity and the necessary stubbornness of looking and unwillingness to accept conventional answers- that devotion to science as pure and as a means to help humanity are the characteristics that will motivates me to become a scientist... read more