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Human Relations

The controversy surrounding euthanasia has raged on for years now, drawing intense emotions from the two opposing camps. Controversy not only extends to the practice itself but also its definition. Euthanasia is simply a physician assisted death to... read more

Human Relations: Resistance to Change

Change is essential and inevitable part of the modern society and its significance is really dominant and great. Every public and private companies/organizations are subjected to rapid and frequent changes, because the world changes as well. A loca... read more

Human Happiness

Human happiness is a feeling of contentment mostly seen to cause satisfaction and joy. Happiness is however not easy to come by. One has to be committed to reaching out for it while others suggest that it is actually a matter of choice. This explai... read more

Human Migration And Development Policy & Planning

Migration, according to Marsella and Ring (2003:3), has been a foremost foundation of survival in humans, adjustment and development over the centuries and millennia. The lives of both the migrants and those who arrived before them are changed by m... read more

Implicit Memory, Age, and Time of Day

There are two ways on how humans retrieve memories, namely deliberate and unintentional. The deliberate retrieval happens when a person attempts to dig in information. On the other hand, unintentional retrieval happens when an event causes a person... read more

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich presents to us the story of one man by the name of Ivan Denisovich Shukhov, and basically focuses on one day of his live in a Soviet gulag. What has been presented to the world through this book are the conditions of the camp which are ruthl... read more

Critically Evaluating Popular Ways Of Explaining And Predicting Human Behavior

Human behavior is the different types of behaviors exhibited by human beings, and is evaluated relative to social norms, or the influence of social pressure that is perceived by the individual to perform or not perform a certain behavior. It is als... read more

The Place of Factor X in Friedman

The progress of human consciousness makes man respect his fellow men. History stands testimony to this fact. As the level of human consciousness rises he started understanding the intricacies of human life on this globe. We know that man fought fev... read more

Human Classifications

Human classification is the grouping of individuals into groups based on biological and cultural /anthropological characteristics. Individual classifications signify different behavioral characteristics which is accompanied by different psychologic... read more

The first stage is the Fossil stage

During this semester, we studied about four stages of human biocultural evolution: the first stage is the Fossil stage. This stage is the beginning of human evolution (studied through the fossils found). Man is quite new to the planet since it is r... read more

Calculating my Contribution to the Environment

I was very surprised to learn, through viewing the Carbon Footprint website, that Canada is such a leader (in a bad sense) in Carbon emissions averages. My “carbon footprint” was very close to the industrialized nations average, but Canada’s ... read more

American literature

American literature is filled with books that people like to read and books which informed and enlightened public ought to read. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of those rare examples which engulf both categories. “The Adventures of Tom... read more

Jean Jacque Rousseau vs. Thomas Hobbes

Jean Jacque Rousseau, a French philosopher, in his work The Discourse on Inequality, has a fine sense of the possible that makes his thought utilitarian, experimental, and relativistic. This basic quality, if not scientific in a strict sense as Tho... read more

Huck Finn and Sivilization

Huckleberry Finn is a character whose main purpose seems similar to emphasize similarities to the Iliad. This statement is supported by the fact that fate seems to be character in Twain’s story just as it was a character in the Iliad. The essay w... read more

Art Patronage

The humanist standards and appreciation for classical antiquity in the sixteenth century gave rise to the early Renaissance. The expansion of a number of confined creative styles in other neighboring countries was due to the spread of these ideolog... read more

The human nature in Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a sequel to his Tom Sawyer and so, the character of Huckleberry Finn was first introduced as the friend of Tom hence, Mark Twain ended up in making another novel wherein Huck is the protagonist. H... read more

Influence Of The Five Pillars In The Muslim Culture

The Islam belief has long been viewed to be one of the world’s most disciplined yet the most misunderstood belief ever. Islam is a total way of life, encompassing the State, its laws, its social institutions, and its culture, and therefore it is ... read more

Is The World Becoming More Peaceful Or More Violent?

The formation of the League of Nations after the end of the First World War was aimed at ensuring that the world does not witness another major war. This however was in vain as after a few years later the Second World War commenced a war that was t... read more

Buddhism, Christianity and Islam

Religion is quite a powerful and influential institution. While it is said that religion must not intervene with the affairs of the state nor be mixed up with the scientifically deduced breakthroughs being introduced by the academe, it is quite imp... read more

A Comparative Analysis of the Islamic Salvation Front and the Taliban

A rising tide of Islamic radicalism has swept over the Middle East, North Africa and Asia since the previous decades (Bordewich, 74). In these regions, impoversihed and disaffected Mulims have embraced the fiery appeal of fundamentalism (Bordewich,... read more

Islamic Fundamentalism

Islamic fundamentalism is an expression used to explain religious philosophy, beliefs and principles as seen as supporting a return to the fundamentals of Islam. In order words, Islamic fundamentalism can be termed as revival of Islamic ideologies ... read more

The Shared Beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity

In addition to being monotheistic, Islam, Judaism and Christianity share a common belief in the origins of the sacred texts that guide their respective religions. Muslims, Jews, and Christians are all "people of the book", to use a Muslim term that... read more

Islamic Fundamentalist Movement

This is expression is used in religious ideologies when describing the advocacy of coming back of fundamentals of Islam, for instance Quran which is a holy book of Muslim Sunnah which the prophetic teachings. In Islam we have a variety of movements... read more

War on terrorism

Introduction – The 11th century of the western history indicates the start of the Crusades – an act of fulfilling a vow made by aristocratic, young white male Roman Catholics against the Moors who have captured the Holy Land. As the battle rage... read more

Islamic in Spain

There are a number of Islamic communities in Spain but the major one is the Al-andalus. This name is derived from an Arabic name given to those parts governed by Muslims. Due to civil wars, these communities broke up into a number of independent st... read more

Essay On Isomerism In An Organic Chemisrty

In his book, The Periodic Kingdom: A Journey into the Land of Chemical Elements, Peter Atkins widely explains the mystery behind isomers. Isomerism is the existence of two or more molecules or nuclides that are isomers. Isomers are molecules contai... read more

Culture in Space

It is a marvelous event that different nations of the world have come up with a unified agreement to explore space through the program of the International Space Station. However, the main goal of the ISS may be overshadowed if the aspect of cultur... read more

Wole: Retelling the Issue of Race and Religion

Yugoslavia in southern Europe is populated with almost 20% of it as Muslims being brought into this region by the Ottoman Turks in 1989. This race has established Islam even on the eastern and western part of the country. Ottomans did not stay that... read more

Sports & characterized

Sports is often characterized as manner in which people in all ages engaged with physical and mental exercise that will help them further develop their capabilities as a person. Also, sports is a choice in choice in which all the people can do with... read more

ISTE NETS for 4th Grade Students

The International Society for Technology in Education or the ISTE has its National Educational Technology Standards or NETS for students which aim at advancing the use of technology for the educational benefit of learners. These standards spur the ... read more