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Why Having a Large Vocabulary Is Good

Your vocabulary tells the rest of the world a lot about you. It shows a person’s background, upbringing, education, and even his or her inclinations. A large vocabulary shows not only your aptitude for language, but also shows a good, solid backg... read more

Intelligence and Weapons Proliferation

Advanced weapons have called for advanced requirements for governmental intelligence, both as a matter of defense and as a matter of political necessity, as elected officials seek to reassure the voters that all is well within the nation. The proli... read more

Preferred language style: English

Pertussis or ‘whopping cough’ is an infection usually caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis (and less frequently by B. parapertussis), resulting in an acute (short-term) febrile (feverish) illness of the respiratory system (James D. Cherr... read more

Flattering addresses

Prayer as Jesus regarded it is a purely private and personal affair. "When ye pray, ye shall not be as the hypocrites: for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the comers of the street, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unt... read more

The United States’ Response to the India Nuclear Test

By the time of the 1974 India nuclear test, the U. S. found itself entangled in the political affairs of Southern Asia, and indeed, the world. Courtesy of the Cold War and the desire to rid the world of the threat of Communism as well as the spread... read more

Nuclear Weapons Test of 1974

The mid 1970s saw Southern Asia, and indeed much of the world, in a state of flux; from the Asian point of view, the Vietnam War threatened to bust from the borders of North and South Vietnam to engulf the entire continent, involving, among others,... read more

Theodor Adorno

His real name is Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno. He is a German sociologist and a member of Frankfurt school. He is considered as a philosopher thinker with an emphasis on society. He was known for his important contributions in the development ... read more

Who Wrote The Bible

List at least three of the initial problems which individuals in ancient times pointed out in the ancient text (p. 18). 1. The tradition of single authorship for the Pentateuch, the single author being Moses. 2. A contradiction in the text such as ... read more

Shakespeare authorship debate

This paper will discuss the Shakespeare authorship debate and will present the various theories and claims that have been made in this regard. It has been proposed throughout history that William Shakespeare who is known as one of the greatest writ... read more

Commonplace opening

Bernice Randall, writing on American usage, agrees that “whom” is disappearing, especially as the opening word of a sentence, and notes that even the commonplace opening for letters, “To whom it may concern” is no longer the universal form ... read more

World War United States

After the end o the 2nd World War United States was in a position to dominate the world. It knew that Russia was in a poor state to challenge the might of United States. Politicians such as Truman were responsible for setting up the Cold War in motion while Stalin's refusal to su... read more

Strange Allies of the 2nd World War

the anti- communists in Russian Civil War. This shows that the alliance with Russia during the 2nd World War was an alliance against a common enemy and not due to ideological similarities. The differences between Capitalism and Communism were cited... read more

Wetlands wherein water

Wetlands are areas wherein water is the main factor controlling the environment, thereby affecting the animal and plant life. It can be found where water usually covers the surface of the land permanently or temporarily. Wetlands in essence are eco... read more

Scientific revolution

Of all the innovations that Europe experienced in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the most influential was intellectual transformation that we refer to as the “scientific revolution”. It must be noticed that precisely because there wa... read more

The Big Bad Beast

Not just the words through the movie, the narration by Kahu, but the music that moves with the shadows and light in the ocean, has an overwhelming emotion with which the viewer may identify. When the narration begins, it is Kahu who says, “There ... read more

What Are People For?

In this new era of complexities and uncertainties, the man has led himself to move into the intricacies and unprecedented different shades of city life, intricately involving himself into the life that no doubt takes you towards the career growth b... read more

What Are the Causes of Underdevelopment?

Exploring the causes of underdevelopment is a serious concern since this endeavour will lead to improved understanding of factors that lead to this harmful phenomenon and subsequently enable governments and international organisations to design mor... read more

Khe narration by Kahu

Not just the words through the movie, the narration by Kahu, but the music that moves with the shadows and light in the ocean, has an overwhelming emotion with which the viewer may identify. When the narration begins, it is Kahu who says, “There ... read more

River restoration principle

In the midst of a worldwide trend of environmental degradation and natural resource depletion, efforts for recovery and salvaging are being heightened in response to a global call for the conservation of nature. In implementing this goal, various c... read more

Industry is Changing

Third graders worked hard since Pre-K. They learned to pronounce the words. They can read full sentences fluidly. Before beginning school, they learned how to turn on Shrek and call grandma by pushing 2 buttons. The repetitive behavior pattern of l... read more

Test Results Measure Reading Skills Children have not Learned

Tests results measure reading retention. Reading retention requires using imagination. “Tests elementary and middle school children have taken since 1999 are obsolete” (Editorial, 2007). As words in a book are read, the reader puts together a m... read more

Possible Reasons for Children’s Declining Skills

Political influences pressure educators to create kindergarten speed reading machines. Kids are simply flat out not interested in reading. Reading skill’s motivation increases temporarily. Students today discover reading skills of the past are no... read more

Witch Hunts

There are several sources on the subject of Witch Hunts but this paper attempts to briefly give a few points on the factors relating its occurrence, women’s role during this time, and why the witch hunts eventually ended. A book by Russell (Russe... read more

Whistle blowing policy

With the recent developments in the United States and Canada, many companies have developed whistle-blowing policies, and legislation has been passed to protect individuals from any serious repercussions. Despite the efforts made by companies, whis... read more

James Whistler versus John Ruskin

Another one of the most famous facets of James Whistler’s role in art was “his libel suit against the art critic John Ruskin. ” (Landry 1997). Their conflict embodied the fight of the newborn aesthetic movement and the Victorian Age concept o... read more

The Reflections of the Works of James Whistler

The art of James Whistler was very contradictory to those of other painters. This is in such a way that his works “were absolutely not reflections of his aggressive personality. ” (Pioch 1996). Whistler adhered to the notion that paintings shou... read more

Ancient Egypt

J. E. Manchip White originally wrote Ancient Egypt; It’s Culture and History, as his first and only book in the spring and summer of 1951 and was republished in 1970. He wrote a detailed and interesting account of the life and culture of the Anci... read more

Yahoo Resource Online

Whistle-blowing then is justified when in the first place, the act of harming or destructing public interest is proven to be true and has actually happened. There must be some objective truth in the basis of this moral dilemma. Whistle-blowing as L... read more

Alternative fuels

Alternative fuels can either be renewable or nonrenewable too. This is often confused since alternative fuels replace the conventional fuels which are nonrenewable in nature. Some examples of alternative fuels are wind power, hydropower, solar powe... read more

Whistle-blowing defined

Company, will you report it to proper authorities or not? While this question seems to be an easy yes or no type, some still consider this as a difficult predicament. The question tells a lot and requires the one who decides and answers a closer lo... read more