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Movie Review: Down ‘n Dirty

The 2009 movie Dirt by Gene Rosow and Bill Berenson and starring Bill Logan, Paul Stamets, Gary Vaynerchuk and Vandana Shiva, is based upon the book Dirt, The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth and is a unique approach to the significance of man has with dirt in his universe. The movie allows the audience to follow the director through an amusing yet moving perspective of the relationship that man has always had with dirt (Logan, Stamets and Vaynerchuk). The movie is a success in the fact that by the end of the movie, one cannot help but find one’s self lost in thought about the depth of the relationship that man has with dirt.

As per Corrigan’s suggestion in his book A Short Guide to Writing about Film, the movie was watched twice before this review was written and all the variables that Corrigan suggested should be measured were taken note of during the viewing of the movie (Corrigan). The movie is an excellent illustration of William Bryant Logan’s acclaimed book and takes the audience from the very beginning of the existence of not man and not dirt, but the existence of the relationship between man and dirt and how man has always taken dirt for granted.

The movie is beautiful as it shows how man was aware of the significance of dirt in the beginning and slowly and gradually began to consider dirt as a luxury. The movie is very apt as it shows how man was respectful of the soil that he dwelled upon and how he respected the soil for all the blessings that it brought him. A major portion of this film basically serves as an eye opener for the world. In many aspects the human race has in fact tended to abuse this major gift of God. It is what provides us with almost everything, food, decorative plant life, etc. However as technology progresses man kind tends to forget the raw gifts of nature.

And this is what this movie explains contrary to mankind’s selfishness. In its witty and humorous way, Dirt can be taken as a story with a moral, even though it goes a bit over the head with every form of professionalism revolving around the soil. But with movies like X Men and others such, with interesting themes, this movie had to somehow make an impression. Otherwise who on earth would want to watch a movie with a Soil Theme? Dirt in fact brings to mind innovative imaginations, in order to remind us what we have forgotten ever since the dominance of artifice.

Organic farming is the new trend line and interest in gardening and greenery is the latest hobby of prison inmates. Dirt tends to bring everything to a standstill before the importance of the Earth, after all Mother Earth plays a major role in birth and the continuation of life. If the Earth is treated as something disgusting, only to be covered up by artificial artillery, one day when raw earth is required and there is none, what would be the worthy alternate. In all its platitudinous factors, Dirt does in fact bring into prominence the importance of respect for the Soil of the Earth.

This film, for some viewers will come forward as laughter trigger, but for some on the other hand it won’t make a very big impression. Lets just day that this movie will need a little sublime attention in order to make an impression, but once when it succeeds in grabbing the attention of the viewer, the viewer isn’t likely to leave his seat till the movie ends. Works Cited Corrigan, T. A Short Guide to Writing about Film. Longman, 2003. Dirt! The Movie. Dirs. B. Benenson and G. Rosow. Perf. B. Logan, P. Stamets and G. Vaynerchuk. 2009.

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