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Children of a Lesser God: Movie Review

In the scenes that had unremittingly etched the faces of William Hurt and in particular, Marlee Matlin in the minds of the movie going public, this film stands out in many ways depending on one’s vantage point or context (Children of a Lesser God, 1986). However, many if not all would agree that Marlee did deserve the Oscar trophy she took home for winning a much coveted award for her role. In other words, she was truly an exceptional person. It was probably her being hearing impaired that makes her extraordinarily good.

Being born a normal child and eventually contracted roseola and suffered its complications would have bothered anyone for the rest of his/he life (http://www. marleematlinsite. com/contactinfo/contactinfo. html) Marlee Matlin as a child growing up in that kind of background involved in all likelihood a lot of struggle. This paper is an attempt to depict from the point of view of one who has all faculties intact and must stand in awe of the feats that this person must have attained (http://www. marleematlinsite. com/contactinfo/contactinfo. html)

Watching the film now after decades since its original showing is not very bad at all to say the least. It was actually a film that can still hold an audience many years later despite the changes that had undergone. The music, stepping aside Bach’s, sounds so funny especially with the accompanying dances visually so different somehow from today’s counterpart (http://www. marleematlinsite. com/contactinfo/contactinfo. html). I thoroughly enjoyed the role played by Hurt as he displays his interest, deep curiosity on the dilemmas that the teens go through.

It is that attention that allows the other stories of each individual character to take their places, in particular, Sarah (Matlin). That scene when he could no longer relish the music he once enjoyed so well since Sarah came into his life was a poignant and unforgettable one. His love for this girl and how his life was so enmeshed with the person paved the way for changes like these. Another scene such as that of the teens who came to visit with them at their abode, and all the sounds glaringly loud.

All enjoyed the freedom that they gained from the friendship with Hurt. The phone was ringing and nobody was of course able to hear it but Hurt. It was so natural that all I can say that the pains a director went through all those details (including of course the rest of the story) was worth it and that was a feat itself (Children of a Lesser God, 1986). Being a person with hearing impairment such as that portrayed by a real HI (Hearing Impaired) person makes this story one of the most appreciated for all time.

Exceptionality in this case can even be an understatement. In the film itself, it was about convincing some people about breakthroughs in a person’s limitations which happened with Sarah herself as well as with the rest of the kids in the school (Children of a Lesser God, 1986). It was not only that, it was also a convincing piece about having physical challenges that there are even more problems beyond that aspect. That is to say that the emotional or psychological problems that had been there with or without the complications brought about by the handicap.

In the case of Sarah, whose story includes being a victim as well which makes her life more difficult as it was not easy for her to trust anyone at all (Children of a Lesser God, 1986). She mentioned in a dialogue as she was about to make a decision to live with Hurt, Matlin, argued (probably to test the sincerity of the person) that she wants to have deaf children. It was Hurt’s response that clinched her decision to be with him. This scene was not only about whether we will have a choice at all concerning disabilities.

It was a matter actually of what our reactions really are on those disabilities that are significant in our relationships. In other words, it is to take time to know first ourselves and see whether we don’t have issues at all regarding physical or emotional, or mental challenges that people might have (Children of a Lesser God, 1986). Reference: http://www. marleematlinsite. com/contactinfo/contactinfo. html Children of a Lesser God (1986). Paramount Pictures. USA

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