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Movie Review: The Patriot

The movie “The Patriot” released in 2000 is all about the story of man named Benjamin Martin who fought bravely during the French-Indian war. After the war, he became a widower with seven children and promised to put first the welfare of his family. When the American Revolution came and was in need of his service again to go to war against Great Britain, he decided that he did not want to go to war because he wanted his family to be protected. His son viewed this differently; the two eldest sons Gabriel and Thomas knew that it was their duty to serve their country.

Disregarding his father’s decision, Gabriel immediately signed up to go to war against Britain and eventually his other brother Thomas joined him. Eventually, Gabriel came home badly wounded, but one day a commotion broke at Martin’s plantation and a colonel Tavington arrived and seized Gabriel. While Thomas tried to free him, he was caught by Colonel Tavington and killed him immediately. With the determination not to lose one of his sons again, he rescued Gabriel and eventually saved him from captivity.

To seek revenge for the capture of Gabriel, the killing of his son Thomas which posed a great danger to his other children, Benjamin decided to go to war. With the help of his fellow war comrade Harry Burwell, they went to war and created a troop of patriots from Carolina whose primary mission was to fight and defend their country and their family and later on become heroes of the American Revolution war. Aside from “The Patriot” being a war movie, it also depicts how an American family is affected by the American Revolutionary War.

It was during 1700 that the American Revolutionary War started, and men were forced to give their service and fight the Britain army. Without any assurance to their safety, they would still go to war and leave their families behind not knowing if they would be able to come back. In the film, Benjamin Martin joined the French-Indian war and as of the moment still regretted joining the war, and now that he became a widower. He knew that he has full responsibility to take care of their seven children.

In the film, we see what the American Revolutionary War did to Benjamin Martin’s family. Because he promised to consider the welfare of his family, he eventually decided to go to war. This act of Benjamin Martin not only depicts heroism and patriotism but most importantly his love for his family that he would risk his life just to ensure the welfare of his family. More than being a hero and a patriot to one’s country, truly the film “The Patriot” shows not only courage but also how far one would go for his love for his family.

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