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Where you stand on the “Patriot” Act?

The American nation was rocked by the most deadly terrorist attack in its history on 9/11. This massive attack inflicted the American nation with enormous mental and psychological pains and a feeling of loosing out the battle against terrorism. During this wave of anger, patriotism and defiance, President Bush presented the Patriot Act of 2002 in order to bring sweeping powers to the government to arrest, investigate, question and detain any person they ‘presume’ is a terrorist, without any access to his/her lawyer or any other court of law.

Discussion This Patriot Act was formulated in order to punish terrorist actions and improve law enforcement not only in the United States but also around the world. With the U. S. Patriot Act a person’s phone line can be tapped, records of any and all purchases checked, and even library records searched. (Derek, 115-128) The police are there to protect and serve the citizens in there assigned communities and crack down on crime that poses great threat to our society.

I believe that these increased security measures do certainly infringe on my personal freedom, which have been the hallmark of our nation since it’s inception, however I am willing to make this sacrifice in the greater interest of my country. Conclusion I believe that the USA Patriot Act protects us Americans from the evil dangers that terrorists can induce on us.

The distress that it might cause some people (including me) to have is a small price to pay for the ability of our country function. If we allow terrorists to continue to commit acts of evil on our country, none of us will have rights to protect, because their will be none. References Derek, Davis, H, (2004). The Dark Side to a Just War: The USA Patriot Act and Counterterrorism’s Potential Threat to Religious Freedom, A Journal of Church and State, v. 44 no. 1, p. 115-128.

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