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The movie “Glory”

When I watched the movie “Glory” I got really struck with the scenes. Here, you can barely see the black soldiers are being deprived of almost every privilege that is a routine for their white matching part. In this film you can notice that all of the tedious tasks were given to the black soldiers. Recalling the scenes from the movie that shows racism are as follows: I remember this picture when the superior commanding officer saw a black man hitting the white ladies; he shot his gun in the head of the black man which caused him dead.

The whipping scene shows more dramatic when the black private soldier only shows his teardrops in release of the pain he is feeling while he was being whipped by the officer. You can obviously see racism when you see that black people gather together and were separated from the others. Since they are volunteers, they are being placed as front liners for the battle.

Racism also has been determined when President Lincoln gave an order about the Negro people and according to the order, all Negroes will become slave or even death can be bestowed to them if they violate the rules. The treatment for the black soldiers are obscene, they are always being hurt, shouted, scolded, call them names and even the officers refrain from talking to them as well. It is obviously witnessed that their one of the recurring element of racism is their skin color.

In the story, although racism is implicated, and the black regimens have been ignored because of their color, they never quit the regiment up to the last moment of their lives. They have shown that color is not a hindrance to glory and victory as long as you know how to stand for the right and show how courageous they are amidst all the bitter trial that they’ve tasted. In the end of the story, President Lincoln credited these men of color by way of helping turn the tide of war.

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