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The movie The Piano

The movie The Piano, directed and produced by Jane Campion and released in 1993, is a compelling story of suppressed passions. It is a nineteenth century love story of a woman, who turns mute at six and comes to New Zealand along with her little daughter to marry Stewart. Unfortunately the ship wrecks and leaves them on the beach along with their belongings including her piano. Stewart being quite unromantic unimaginative is unwilling to bring the piano home leaves it there on the beach. Baines observes Ada and her love for the Piano and approaches Stewart and offers his land in exchanges of piano and lessons from Ada.

Stewart indifferently accepts the proposal and Ada unwillingly begins teaching piano lessons to Baines at his cottage. Seeing her love for the piano, he offers that he will return her the piano. It leads to a passionate and romantic affair between them. It is a self liberation for both of them. Their intense love affair is shown from Ada’s small daughter Flora who was asked to stay outside when the lesson is going on. The director’s greatness lies in communicating the intense passions and emotions between crude Baines and reserved and mute Ada. Thus, the movie explores the latent and strong feelings of human beings.

It shows how people get entangled to the emotions of passion, betrayal and fear which ultimately lead to dangerous consequences. The movie made in 1993 is a solid motion picture with a universal message which runs for two hours. It is a well made movie in the Eastman color. The three main actors enriched the film with their dazzling performances especially Holly Hunter who played the lead role excels in her performance as a mute woman. Set in the raw wildness of the beach in the beginning, the director Jane Campion achieved a remarkable reputation for her portrayal of three characters especially the heroine, Holly Hunter as Ada.

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