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“Gladiator” The Movie

“Are you not entertained? ” These are the words shouted by Maximus, the lead character in the movie “Gladiator”, to the full audience in the Coliseum during one of the highlights of the movie. Well, that scene feels as if he is also addressing the movie audience. Is the movie going public entertained by “Gladiator”? Based from the huge commercial success at the box office not only in the United States but also worldwide, this movie has indeed entertained its audience.

“Gladiator” (Rated R) is a historical, action-drama movie filmed in 2000 which starred Russell Crowe in the lead role. It is written by David Franzoni and directed by Ridley Scott (http://www. imdb. com). The setting of the story was in ancient Rome. The film gives many insights into ancient Roman history and culture although much of its parts are fictitious. The plot revolves around the character of a Roman general named Maximus Decimus Meridius.

Because he was more morally upright than Commodus (the Emperor’s son), Emperor Aurelius favored him to become Rome’s next leader after his death. This made Commodus madly envious which led him to order the murder of Maximus’ wife and son. The movie then proceeded to show Maximus’ plight after this tragedy until the time he could avenge the death of his loved ones. The movie contains scenes that might be considered violent and bloody by some but these are overshadowed by the many positive qualities of the film.

Nevertheless, these bloody and violent scenes are seen as important parts of the script that the director has to include to add drama and excitement to the film. The plot of the story might not be too original since the movie audience is used to watching many wronged heroes seeking justice. However, “Gladiator” is presented in a manner which leaves its audience glued to the screen all throughout the film. Russell Crowe is perfect for the lead role of the gladiator.

He is the gladiator personified- masculine, dashing and brave, with a good and honest heart. Crowe’s performance is both touching and sensitive. Joaquin Phoenix also delivers a sterling portrayal of his role as the Emperor’s loathsome son who murdered his own father. The direction, script and costumes of the movie are beautifully done. “Gladiator” is viewed as one of the best movies that will remain as a favorite classic to many. Reference: The Internal Movie Database Retrieved from: http://www. imdb. com

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